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 Wedding Tips 

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General tips for planning your wedding

Having been in business for many years, we have worked with a lot of brides  & grooms, wedding planners, and wedding vendors.  Here are some tips we have learned over the years.  We hope you can use even just one - or more -  to help make your day more special and run smoothly - - - Enjoy!!!! 


 1.        Be sure to have a master checklist and a separate file folder for each wedding service provider.  Keeping all records, receipts, contracts, and being organized during the planning of your wedding goes very far in ensuring a smooth wedding day. 


 2.        Be sure all of your service providers have excellent maps and directions to the church and wedding reception facility. 


 3.        Be sure to have your florist, entertainer, and caterer visit the reception facility beforehand.  Arrange for them to have access to the room at least two hours before the reception for setup. 


 4.        When arranging for a sitting with your photographer for your engagement and bridal portrait, bear in mind that the newspapers require a vertical format proof for the announcement. 


 5.        It would be best not to schedule photos for more than one hour before the wedding ceremony so the flowers can stay in the coolers until the last minute.   


 6.        Encourage your guests to leave for the reception soon after the wedding.  Your photographer will need about 30+ minutes with family and then just the bride and groom.  (Your wedding party can help with this.) 


 7.        It would be a good idea to have an extra "fake" set of rings in case the real ones get inadvertently left behind at the hotel or somewhere else (it does happen). 


 8.        If you are writing your own vows, or even if you are using traditional vows,  you can consider adding this special touch.  Have the minister ask the congregation of family members and friends to rise and answer to the following vow, "I shall." "Will you do everything in your power to love, honor, and support this union and this couple in their journey through life together"?  


 9.        Plan to dispense with having a receiving line.  People will be hungry and your elderly relatives cannot stand up for long periods of time.  A better plan would be for the bride and groom to go to each table and say hello.



10.       If you are decorating the wedding cake with fresh flowers, be sure it is decided ahead of time who will do the actual arrangement, the florist or the bakery staff.  Special photographs can be put on rice paper -edible- (with use of a computer), and put on the top of the Groom's cake. Most bakers do this.  At the Bridal Extravaganza visit the Gallery of Cakes  for more ideas. 


11.       RE:  cutting the cake.   Especially if your reception is running behind, don't have an announcement that the cake is being cut.   Just go ahead and do it.  That will avoid a feeding frenzy.  It should also be determined beforehand who will be responsible for cutting  and serving the cake,  bakery staff or reception facility staff. 


12.       Make sure your out of town guests have very good detailed maps and/or assign local friends or family to ride with them between church and reception.  If you have a lot of out of town guests, consider renting a Trolley for their transportation. 


13.       Consider getting married on Friday or Sunday and/or during the winter months to get better prices from your service providers. 


14.       On your invitation reply cards, write a small, discreet number on the inside flap and keep a list.  There probably will be some guests that return the card without putting their name on it.   You can then match the reply card to your list of secret numbers. 


15.       You may need about four cake servers, two for each cake.  If your reception facility does not provide staff for this, you should have someone selected as your "House Party" in advance to do this.  House Party should have corsages and boutonniere. 


16.       Have an extra roll of scotch tape at the reception to securely attach (or re-attach) greeting cards to the gifts before loading them into a vehicle at the end of the reception.  (So you will know who to thank for each gift).


17.       If there is an opportunity, it can be suggested to guests to put an "enclosure" card inside the gift box. 


18.       Some guests may bring children to the ceremony regardless of how you addressed the invitation.  (You can state "adults only" on your invitation if it is an issue with you.)  But you should expect that someone may bring a child or children even if they did not indicate so on their response card.  Usually, the reception facility will charge a set price per person whether they are adult or child.  Crying babies in the church will definitely interfere with the sensitive sound portion of video equipment.  If there is a "cry room" at church, have your ushers direct parents with babies to this room.   


19.       You should get a specific list from your reception facility of services that are NOT INCLUDED.  Helping load wedding presents into cars at the end of the evening is a good example.  They may or may not offer to store items you rented elsewhere to be picked up on Monday.  In that case, you must remove them to your home or elsewhere.  Ask your Groomsmen to stay and help with these matters.  (Find someone with a van or pickup to help at the end of evening.) 


20.       For your gift registry, it is a good idea to select stores that have a very organized Bridal Department (many have the registry on a computer to print out for your guests and as selections are purchased, it indicates that on the list.)  Some great stores to use are:  Macy's, JC Penney, Neiman Marcus, Dillards, Bed, Bath & Beyond, and Williams-Sonoma.   A good choice in registry stores will help later if you cannot determine who gave you which gift OR if you just need to exchange one.  Many of these places offer on-line registry and you can keep track of gifts for thank you cards. If you are on a tight budget for your wedding, consider having friends or relatives "sponsor" (pay) for the Rolls/Classic Limo for you instead of giving some other expensive gift.


21.       Even though you may be registered at several places and have chosen items of all prices to help your guests make a selection that is suitable to them and their budget, you can expect that some guests will do their own thing, and you may receive lots of crystal bowls.  It can always be suggested, if a guest asks, that they get you something personalized with your name and wedding date, if they are at a loss of what to get.  Another great idea is if you will inherit your mother's china or silver that has been discontinued, it can be suggested that pieces of these settings be purchased.  We recommend the website: or visit David Lackey/china matching expert @ Antique Pavilion @ 2311 Westheimer in Houston.


 22.       If you do not serve a full meal at your reception, your attendance will be lower than if you did.  (fact of life) 


23.       Have a game plan if too many people show up for the reception (more people than what you have paid tables and seating for).  Have a select group of close friends or relatives who can be volunteered to go eat elsewhere and then return for the festivities.  The other solution is to deliberately order 10 - 20 extra place settings  and pay for them.  Check with your facility to see how they prefer to handle this.  Some facilities refuse to add tables at the last minute. 


24.       If you have tables RESERVED for family  and the bridal party, be sure prominently raised "RESERVED" signs are on the tables along with a name card at each place setting. 


25.       If you are having a Head Table for the Bridal Party (Bridesmaids and Groomsmen) make sure their spouses or dates understand they will not be sitting together to eat.  (Single people seem to be bothered by this more than married people). 


26.       Have someone in your House Party or Bridal Party whose job it is to completely go through the reception facility at the end of the evening, including restrooms, to be sure nothing was left behind.  This should be done along with a facility employee to be sure their property is not inadvertently taken. 


27.       If using regular cameras, put fresh batteries in them and also the strobes so they will not go out in the middle of the reception or honeymoon. If using your smartphone, be sure it is charged up and bring a booster battery. We often arrive at the hotel and ask the couple if they would like a picture by the car there and both, sadly have completely dead phone batteries after a long and hectic day.


28.       Have a backup person who can make a toast in the event the best man has to leave for some reason.  Every key person should have someone else prepared to do their job in case they are called away for an emergency.  The show must go on!!  If alcohol is being served at your reception, make sure the toasts are out of the way early before things start to get out of hand. 


29.       If the reception is at a hotel or public facility, assign someone to watch the door to be sure that those entering are invited guests.  You could have "gate-crashers" who will try to slip in the room, eat your food (which you have to pay for), and also possibly steal cameras or purses. 


30.       When selecting vendors, check all of them using the automated phone system of the Better Business Bureau.  All you have to do is enter their phone number to get a full report.    


31.       Your safest choices in Vendors are those who have been in the Bridal Extravaganza at least 2 years in a row.  Every type of wedding business has to meet certain strict criteria to be able to have a booth in this show.  Problematic or misrepresented vendors are not invited back. 


32.       Ask your jeweler to put your engagement diamond under black light.  It should remain clear and not glow.  Ask if he will buy it back at the same price within 30 days, then have the ring checked by another jeweler.  Once you have determined your jeweler is doing right by you, cut your best deal  on the engagement ring and both wedding bands all at the same time. 


33.       It is a great idea to have a "Brides Emergency Kit".  Have someone trusted like your maid of honor keep charge of it.  It should contain things like:  a hairdryer, hair gel, lipstick, sewing kit/scissors, breath mints, blister pads for uncomfortable shoes (maybe enough to share with bridesmaids), safety pins, bobby pins, nail file, nail clippers, super glue, tweezers, Tums, toothpicks, makeup sponge, hair scrunchies, notepad and pen,  eye drops, Tylenol or Ibuprofen, Velcro, and Lintbrush.  You may think of other things to add to your kit, but this will get you through the day


34.       The bride and groom should eat a good meal and drink several glasses of water early in the wedding day.  This is not a good time for low blood sugar levels or dry throat. 


35.       Ice carvings add a nice touch to the room.   Usually the bridal portrait and flower arrangements will be in the foyer.  Except for table coverings and centerpiece, the ice carving is really the only decorative touch you can add to the dining area.  A great presentation is to have it on a revolving pedestal with a blue floodlight shining up on it at an angle.  Your ice carver artist may also have suggestions. 


36.       All groomsmen should try on their tuxedos before leaving the store.  Letting someone else pick them up for them is courting disaster.   Also, select one groomsmen to take all of the tuxedos back to avoid late fees.


37.       Having the bridal shower and the bachelor/bachelorette parties the weekend before the wedding is a good idea.  Doing this after the rehearsal dinner will render key people in your wedding party groggy on the wedding day when they need to be able to function at their absolute best. 


38.       A book we highly recommend about wedding planning is The Wedding Guide by Emily Post.  Another good book is Martha Stewart WEDDINGS .  Check the Weddings section at Half Price Books. 


39.       We recommend the website for planning, budgeting, keeping up with thank you acknowledgments, a webpage for the couple, your invitation list, etc. and the use of this tool is FREE. You can also link it to your wedding hashtag. Another item: You may not to want to post lots of information on Twitter and Facebook as there are people there who would be offended that you didn't invite them to your wedding. The knot can create an email list that only goes to family and invited guests.


40.       Moving luggage and checking in to your hotel at midnight or later on your wedding night can be very tedious.  Have as much pre-arranged as you possibly can.  A suggestion is for the best man to take the luggage for the bride and groom to the hotel earlier in the day.  He should check them in, arrange for champagne on ice at arrival time.  He should then give the key to the groom. 


41.       It can be a big help to you later if you can pay all of your wedding bills by Visa/MC credit cards.  That way, if there is a problem, you can dispute the charge and the person or business in question will have to resolve it.  Read ALL of your contracts and invoices carefully and be sure what is and is not included.  We have been in the wedding business since 1982.  If you would like, we can refer you to wedding vendors we know personally who have an excellent track record and credentials. 


42.       Be sure you have cell phone numbers for all of your vendors and that they have yours and at least 4 other people in the wedding party. Remember, the Church Office will be closed on the day of your wedding and cell phones are THE ONLY WAY you can communicate.


43.       Brides riding in a limousine should consider only drinking water or Sprite.  Champagne or dark cola or red wine will stain your dress if it is spilled. 


44.       If you have last-minute unexpected charges to put on a credit card, check to see if you can use your parent's or friend's (wedding party?).  You will need the credit limit on your card open for honeymoon expenses. 


45.       The Wedding Day is special for 2 people - The Bride and The Groom.  For transportation, they should have the Rolls Royce and everybody else should be transported in a standard limousine or Trolley. 


46.       When you arrive at the reception facility or hotel, the groom should be seated in the back seat on the curb side.  If he is seated on the offside, the protocol is for the driver (chauffeur) to open his door, walk around to the other side and the driver holds the door open while the Groom helps the Bride out of the car.  Hotel Doormen should not open the door of the Rolls. 


47.       It is your responsibility to impress upon the photographer that you want several pictures by the Rolls Royce Limo with your name on the front license plate.  It is "out of bounds" for the limo chauffeur to tell the photographer what kind of shots to take. (See our handy "Suggested Wedding Poses with the Rolls Royce Limousine" on our website, and you can give this to your photographer. You are paying him, he WILL take orders from you).

            You can do the photos with the car one of two ways: The bride and groom can sneak out right before last dance and do the poses by the car (All the poses can be done in about five minutes). You can also wait and just do it at the end with the guests in the background.The bride should have one of her bouquets to be holding for the pictures, especially the cross-ring shot with the two left hands up by the Rolls Royce hood ornament with the bouquet laying on the hood as a backdrop for the two left hands.

           Remember, if you paid to use one of our cars for the wedding, you can schedule a free two hour photo session at our office on a weekday for the engagement photo or bridal portrait. We have an area out back that is grassy with trees in the background. It can be a different car than the one you use for your wedding. (1953 Chevy pickup?) (Great for save the date photo)


48.       It is strongly recommended that you do not suggest that wedding vendors or out of town guests try to follow the limousine to the reception.  This can be very unsafe as they try to run yellow lights to keep up.  Make sure everyone has maps and directions and consider regular limousines or Trolley to transport guests not familiar with Houston streets (also helpful if there will be alcohol served.)  


 49.       Seriously consider using an Independent Bridal Consultant (or Wedding Planner).  They know what works and what doesn't.  They know who to use and who to avoid.  Most importantly, they are good at persuading your parents to use the products and services you need to have a really beautiful, well-choreographed wedding.  We work with several that repeatedly produce exquisite weddings and we will be happy to recommend some of them to you. 


 50.       Ask your photographer if he will release the CD of your wedding.  Usually, they do not have an additional  charge for this.   Be sure they are using  high-quality digital cameras (12 megapixel or higher). 


51.       It is important for your wedding day that you have a schedule and stick to it.  You should plan to start your walk down the aisle right on time regardless if there are guests or relatives that have not shown up.  Usually, there are alternate seating arrangements for late arrival guests.  The church or reception facility may have a wedding right after yours.  Also, the food will not keep and must be served within 30 minutes of the time specified.  Have someone in your wedding party  strongly encourage the guests to leave the church soon after the ceremony concludes.  Ensure them you will visit with them in a relaxed manner at the reception. 


52.       As you enter the Reception, someone with a loud and commanding voice, USUALLY the DJ, should announce, "Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you Mr. & Mrs..".  Have a backup person if you don't have a DJ, or your first person is not in position.  If needed, the limo chauffeur can do this for you.  It is also a nice touch for the wedding party to be announced as they enter the room. 


53.       If you have a lot of songs that you want played at your reception, see if your DJ can do shorter versions of the songs.  Have a priority list in case time runs short.  Be sure you have a few slow songs for your older relatives & friends to dance to. 


54.       At the reception, the Bride and Groom should visit each table as a couple.  Be sure you talk to everyone who came.   Try to avoid being monopolized by anyone, you should "work the room".  Your guests have been waiting patiently just to have a brief conversation with you and wish you well.  (Ask us about our "Boo-hoo, I love you" form)  


55.       Arriving at the hotel at the end of the evening, the chauffeur should put all bags on the curb and ask the Bride and Groom to confirm they are all accounted for.  Only then should hotel personnel touch the luggage.  (Hotel personnel should not be allowed inside the Rolls or to root around in the trunk.)  The chauffeur and the groom should then quickly search the seating area to be sure no purses, cell phones, cameras, cuff links, etc. were left behind. 


56.       If you are staying at the hotel where your reception is, consider doing a "fake getaway".  The  Rolls Convertible is ideal for this, a very romantic touch.  A great photo opportunity is to have the bridesmaids line up behind the car as the bride throws the bouquet over her shoulder as the car slowly drives off.   You can then be driven around for about 20 minutes and then return to an alternate hotel entrance.

            Another version of the fake getaway is to leave around 10pm so you can release the photographer/videographer and your older guests and relatives can leave feeling they have seen everything.  You can then be driven around for a few minutes and then returned to celebrate and party til' you drop.  You can do a real getaway at midnight or later unless you are staying there for the night.   


57.       Consider having a professional build a website for your wedding.  You can have your bridal registry, photographs, directions to the church and reception, wedding planning tools such as budget and lists to manage gifts and thank-you cards, and a guestbook for friends and family to leave messages.  You can keep the website up for years and it is good for out of town family/friends who could not attend the wedding.  We can refer you to professionals who specialize in this. 


58.       On your honeymoon, be sure to pack at least 30 SPF sunblock if you're going to a tropical destination. Never swim in deserted areas, due to strong currents, sharp coral, & sharks.   The night before you leave clear your hotel tab and arrange for breakfast in your room,  bags collected, and airport transportation at precise times.  Write down the name of the clerk who makes the arrangements and complement them.  


59.     HOTEL "COURTESY CAR" RIPOFF   If you are blocking a large number of rooms at a hotel for your out of town guests, the hotel will usually entice you with a lower per-room price and the "Complimentary" use of their courtesy van, surburban or limousine. You should be aware, however; that if you book 20 rooms and somebody else comes in after you and books 40 rooms, whom do you think will snag the courtesy vehicle for their event? (Hint: It won't be you)

           You should also read the fine print. One bride complained to us that the "Courtesy" van incurred a charge of $150 each trip, each way to the wedding and reception venue. Fifteen passenger vans are okay for kids, but folding seats and hunched down duck-walking all the way to the back of the van is not pleasant or comfortable for older relatives or bridesmaids in tight dresses.

          The same hotel then let other guests use the van to go the opposite direction from the church. The bride called to complain saying, "We can't start the ceremony, not all my family members or guests are here yet". The hotel said, "Well, we will try to get back to your event as soon as we can". (Important keyword: "Try"). You don't need these kinds of problems on the most important day of your life.

           Hotels view vans as an unpleasant but necessary nuisance. They have to have a van to get the minimum three- star rating in the guide books. Transportation is not their business. It's not who they are and not what they do. Don't send a boy to do a man's job. If you book our Trolley, it stays with you all day and moves your relatives and guests when you want them moved. We charge by time, not the number of trips and we will go back to the hotel for one guest, if requested.



60.       Looking at your budget, you have decided to not have a videographer.  In that eventuality, you should ask someone in your bridal party to have their cell phone handy and do a 30-second video of you driving off in the Rolls Royce at the end of the reception and then e-mail it to you. 


61.       In 2016, the average wedding size was 168 guests with five bridesmaids and five groomsmen.


62.       When choosing a limo, consider one other than white.  The bride's dress should be the focal point of the portrait.  If you have a white dress, a white car, and a white church, there isn't enough contrast.  Black is not a good choice as it is considered a color for funerals.  Black cars are also hotter in the summer.  Our 1960 Bentley is silver over platinum, the ideal colors to highlight the bride and her dress.  Go to our website, click on vehicles and then click on the link, "View More Bentley Pictures" to see pictures from other weddings using that car.


63.       If you would like to use the 1963 Rolls Convertible for your grand getaway at the end of the evening, you can always pretend like you are Princess Kate leaving Buckingham Palace or Westminister Abbey.  Remember this little ditty as you wave goodbye to your guests; "Elbow, elbow, wrist, wrist, touch your pearls and blow a kiss." (The Princess Wave)


64.      This is something special you can arrange with your DJ ahead of time.  For the father-daughter dance, pick a really sentimental song by someone like Ray Charles.  The DJ will have you come in before the wedding and make a recording.  Halfway through the song, the music will be muted and you will make a short testimony about how much you appreciate all that your father did for you growing up.  At the end of your testimony, pause and say "I love you Daddy', and then let the last 60 seconds of the song finish as the volume is raised.  Do this as a complete surprise for everyone in attendance and tell no one ahead of time.  People will remember this special touch for a long time.


65.       When you go to Bridal Shows, be sure to visit the booths of reception facilities.  most of them will have really elegant open houses within 30 days after the show.  Some of them require you to sign up at the show.  They are free of charge and you can usually do two or three the same day with your mother or maid of honor.  You will be able to find the place best suited for your wedding, get some ideas for your ceremony and reception whether you choose that place or not, and get to sample some of the best food in Houston.  A very worthwhile expenditure of your time.


66.      Neither the bride nor the groom should drive themselves anywhere on their wedding day.  You will be tired and under more than a little stress.  You could benefit greatly from the serenity and tranquility that would be provided by a professional chauffeur who is not emotionally involved in the day's events gently and gracefully transporting you from place to place.


67.      There are other pages on our website that have more information to help you with your planning.  Please click on "Frequently Asked Questions", "Suggested Poses for the Photographer", and "Getting the Best price on a Limo".


68.      You need to feel very comfortable with not just your Limo Service, but all your service providers.  We encourage you to call all of them and see if there is good chemistry.  The Internet is a wonderful tool, but anyone can build, or have built, a beautiful website.  Go old school and call them.  If they are not gracious and courteous during the week, how could you expect them to act any better on your wedding day?  Ask the person you are talking to if they will be onsite during your wedding.  Sometimes the front office people are wonderful but the people actually send out on your wedding day may not be quite as professional.  If you choose to visit vendors, see if you can get them to e-mail a copy of their contract ahead of time.  Do your homework.  Never be afraid to ask too many questions.  it is our strict company policy that there is no such thing as a dumb question from a customer.  If something is important to you; it's important to us.


69.      If your wedding is in August or September, be sure to ask all your vendors what their Hurricane Cancellation Policy is. Most will re-schedule to a later date.  Full cash refunds are not something you should  hope for.  You should consider getting Wedding Cancellation Insurance for those months.  Some good sources are,, and


70. Wedding toasts should be done early in the reception and should
be short, three to five minutes. Tell the people presenting the toasts
to focus on 1-3 items and then sit down. Waiting until late in the
evening for toasts after the presenters have had a lot to drink
could lead to some inappropriate comments.



71. Go to radio silence on your wedding day. On your voice mail, e-mail,
facebook, twitter, etc, put the following message: "Today is my wedding
day and I will be unavailable to communicate with you until:__________;
If you are a wedding guest or vendor and have an immediate issue, please
contact (Wedding planner, mother, maid of honor, etc) at:_____________
You might also consider getting a one-day cell phone and only giving that
number to one or two people.


72. Appoint gatekeepers. Have all calls coming to your hotel

room routed to your wedding planner and/or the hotel wedding

coordinator. Instruct them to screen all calls and make every
effort to resolve any issues themselves before putting the call
through to you. Have them say something like, "I will be glad to
pass your wishes on to (Your name) and I assure you she will
be looking forward to visiting with you later this evening at the
73. Delegate, delegate and then delegate some more. Make it very clear to your Maid of Honor and best Man that they were chosen for their leadership abilities and that is their responsibility to see to it that everyone is in the right place at the right time doing the right things. Tell them you are very grateful for all their help on this important day and also tell them you are counting on them and that what they are doing is
74. Make your bridal suite your own private sanctuary. Do the
makeup and hairstyling in a different room. It is important that
you be hydrated and have proper blood sugar levels. Force
yourself to eat a breakfast with carbs and protein. When you
hear of a bride fainting at the altar, it's because they were too
nervous or preoccupied to eat breakfast.
75. A lot of strange thoughts will be messing with your head.
Things done or said that normally wouldn't bother you can get
you distracted. People you wished had come to your wedding
didn't and some people showed up you wished had stayed
away. Old, bad haunting memories will creep into your
consciousness. This is all excess baggage that you should
put in the closet in your bridal suite and close the door. Move
fast, move light and enjoy the day. As you go downstairs to get in
the Rolls to go to the church, you should exude confidence,
serenity, tranquility, happiness and total inner peace. This is
YOUR day and it WILL go as you have
always planned.
76. Keep high-strung overly emotional people out of your
bridal suite. You know who they are. They are likely to go
completely bananas over the slightest irrelevant issue. Give
them something to do elsewhere in the hotel. You need to
gather your composure and surround yourself with one or
two of your quietest and most down to earth calming friends
or relatives.
77. A nice touch for your reception is to have your caterer have eight waiters in tuxedos and white gloves come to each table of eight, slowly surround it and at a prearranged signal, they all set the course down in front of the guest at precisely the same time. Then they go on to another table and do the same. This works well for a small reception (Or a large one if you can afford the extra waitstaff).
78. NEVER USE YOUR OWN CAR FOR THE GETAWAY FROM THE RECEPTION. Your "Friends" will take great delight in sabotaging the car and using white or black shoe polish to write obscene and vulgar comments on the side of the car. Then they will pull one or two spark plug wires so the car will backfire, then they will shove a potato up the tailpipe so it will start with a loud bang. Then they will let almost all the air out of one of the tires so you will have to stop and change the tire on the way to the hotel. Then for years afterward, you will be the butt of jokes at the locker room of your gym or country club or sports bar as they howl with laughter and say, "Remember how we sabotaged John's car on his wedding night; wasn't that a hoot!" Using one of our cars, the chauffeur will politely but firmly tell your buddies that doing bad things to one of our cars is simply not permitted.
79. CONSIDER BUYING SOMEONE ELSE'S CANCELED WEDDING. It happens. Let's not dwell on the possible reasons. If you are flexible on your wedding date and where the reception would be held, you should look into this. It's a win-win for everybody. You get a fairytale wedding at a fraction of the cost and some poor bride somewhere gets some of her money back. Who knows, her wedding dress may even fit you. This is for serious bargain-hunters only. Now you know, if by using just this one tip ended up saving you thousands of dollars, it would only be right and fair to spend those savings with us and get the Queen for a Day Package or the Rolls-Trolley Combo! Check out these websites:, Again, not for the faint-hearted.
80. CATHOLIC WEDDING? You might want to consider All Saints Church at 215 E. 10th St in  the Heights. It is a 105- yea- old cathedral with beautiful stained glass windows. Check out this website for pictures:  There is plenty of parking. You can get the cathedral and the reception hall for three hours for $850. For more information, call 713 864-2653 ext 217.
81. COLLEGE LOGO ON WEDDING CAKES? Forget about it. Cake bakers are being sued for copyright infringement. Even a groom's cake replica of Kyle Field. How do the universities find out? Your charming friends put pictures of the cake on Facebook for the whole world to see. In some cases, you can get a one-time lifetime exemption for use of the logo. It has to be a letter directly from the Dean to the cake baker. The proposed design must be very detailed.
You can do a cake-shaped football, a longhorn or something similar using colors one or two shades away from burnt orange, maroon, etc. Shapes cannot be copyrighted, unless it is a well-recognized item like the Statue of Liberty or a likeness of Elvis Pressly, etc.. Be very careful in this area.
82. GUYS READING THIS: If your bride-to-be has suggested she would like some sort of vintage or antique car for the wedding, she is secretly saying (Or hoping you will) "Romance Me With A Rolls", or "Bless Me With A Bentley". Don't you think that as a gentleman, you should oblige the lady and get her the car she has been dreaming about for her wedding since she was a little girl?
By the way, if you have not already done the "Put A Ring On It" thing, here is a list of the ten top-rated Most Romantic Restaurants in Houston: Just Dinner, Spindletop, Ristorante Cavour at Hotel Granduca, Mark's American Cuisine, Chez Nous French Restaurant, Sorrento Ristorante Italiano, Shearn's Seafood and Prime Steaks, Rudy and Paco Restaurant and bar, Luigi'sPatio Ristorante and Crapitto's Cucina Italiana.
For more info on these restaurants, go to:
Do not use the hangar strap to carry your train around. You will need both
your hands free for the reception.
Do not be tempted to use the cheapest one-point British over-bustle. The first
dance will invariably involve someone stepping on your train and down it comes.
Click on the link above to get a brief overview of the different bustles. The best
would be the French three-point under bustle. You could also consider the
Austrian, Sash Gown or Ballroom Bustle.
Important: The Wedding Dress stores have expert fitters to get you into your
dress. Who will help you on your wedding day? The complexity of this maneuver
could be compared to preparing an Atlas Rocket at Cape Canaveral to take
astronauts into outer space.
On your final fitting at the dress store, especially if you will be wearing support
apparel, take your mother, sister, maid of honor, BFF or a bridesmaid who has
it a little better together to carefully study the intricate procedure. Getting yourself
into a multi-layered wedding dress without any expert help is not a good idea.
Again, open the link above and read the whole article and then the comments
from other brides at the bottom. This may well be the most important tip on
this list.
84. How to prepare an awesome Maid of Honor Speech. Three minutes is better
than five. It's not about you. Do not get drunk before the speech. No naughty
or inappropriate comments. Thank the parents for being there for the kids as
they were growing up and guiding them along the way. Thank the guests for
coming to share the joy and show their love. This is a really good article below
with even more tips:
85. How to choose your bridesmaids and groomsmen? Don't let your family bully you
into including a cousin or somebody else you can't stand. Don't try to include someone
who has a lot on their plate, moving, changing jobs, life issues, pregnant, etc.
Let them instead do a special reading at the ceremony or help in other ways. You need a
support team who will stand by you and laugh and cry with you in the months leading
up to your wedding. You don't have to have the same number of bridesmaids and
Check this article out for more helpful suggestions:
86. Plan your wedding and reception schedule and stick to it. Do not delay the start of the ceremony because a family member or groomsman is not there yet. The show must go on.
Delays early in the day will upset all the following scheduled and timed events.
We get brides who have a midnight departure time scheduled panic and call us at 9:30 PM saying, "All my guests are leaving, can you get here right now with the Rolls for the departure?"
This would be very difficult if not impossible. It could also trigger the $250 time change fee
for changes less than 24 hours before the wedding.  The better choice would be to rent the Rolls for two or three hours for the getaway and then you can be free-spirited and spontaneous and leave the reception whenever the mood suits you. You should also be aware that reception facilities will have very high overtime fees to keep wait staff and security personnel on hand after your contracted time has expired.
You will not have 100% of your wedding guests stay until the very end of the reception. Midnight is past the bedtime for for your grandparents. Young couples have to get home to baby sitters. Some people have to get up very early the next day to go to church, travel or work. You will have maybe 30-60% of the guests actually see you off. That is the reality of wedding receptions. Deal with it. They came and shared your special day. Cherish every minute that evening with whoever is around you. Stay until last dance and then ride off into the sunset in a classic Rolls Royce or Bentley as you start your married life together.
87. Be sure to have one of your bouquets as you do your grand exit from the reception.
Some of your best photographs for your album will be of the two of you standing in front
of the Rolls Royce with your family name on the front license plate. Another recommended pose is the cross-ring shot where we put the bouquet on the hood behind the hood ornament and you place your two left hands beside it. (Click on Suggested Poses
on this website for more suggestions).You can do the poses by the car right as you leave or you can sneak out a few minutes before last dance and do them if you don't want the wedding guests in the background.
88. You will want to have your first names, initials and new last name on several items at your wedding, like the napkins, glasses, table items, bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts and party favors. A good source here in Houston is Your reception facility will arrange for signs and maybe project your names on the wall with a data projector.
Another nice touch is to purchase our "Oscar Night Package". This includes the family name
on the front license plate, use of a red carpet and red velvet rope leading up to the door of the Rolls and a special sign on a pedestal that says, "Reserved for Mr. and Mrs. xxxxxx". You get to keep the two signs at the end of the evening. Makes for great pictures for your album.
89. 50th Wedding Anniversary for your parents or grandparents? Our 1965 Rolls Royce
Princess is 50 years old and we have a sign for the back of the car that says
"50th Anniversary". (Also one that says "25th Anniversary")
90. Are you planning a "Rustic" or "Cowboy Western" themed wedding? Some ideal
reception facilities would be Tin Hall, Briscoe Manor, Olde Dobbin Station, Amber Springs,
Ashelynn Manor, Lindsay Lakes, Madera Estates or Agave Road.
91. DUDES! Do you want to be thought of as the best husband ever? In some weddings,
the transportation is all the groom provides. If that is the case with you, why not surprise
your bride with our "Queen For a Day Package"? Starts out with a Luxury SUV to take her for her hair appointment, then the Rolls hardtop to the church and the reception and finishes with the Rolls convertible to the hotel.
92. LARGE FIREWORKS DISPLAYS? Why not? Great way to end the evening and start your
married life together. These require a lot of planning and permits from the Fire Department,
but the show can really be worth it. Two reception halls that specialize in large fireworks
displays are Chateau Cocomar and Briscoe Manor. They  have a new type of fireworks now called consumable or cold fireworks that can even be used indoors.
This is not something you can do on your own. We suggest you contact The Phoenix Design Group. Call them at 281 860-0901 and ask for Mike. Mention we referred you.
Here is some more information on their wedding fireworks displays:
93. Oscar Night Seat Fillers Survival Guide. There is some excellent advice in this short
article about how to dress and what type of makeup you should apply for a long event like
the Oscars. Almost all of this advice would also apply to bridesmaids on a wedding day.
An excellent read:
94) Long boring speeches at a wedding reception are a real buzz killer. Your guests want
to party and socialize but must respectfully remain sedate and silent during speeches. The
problem is compounded by people who are in love with microphones and the sound of
their own voice. (You know who I am talking about). Windbags, parents and grandparents,
your best friend from college, etc., should be allowed to vent at the rehearsal dinner.
For the reception, better to have only the best man and the maid of honor give speeches,
maximum of five minutes, three minutes even better! Be clear, be brief, be seated.
a) When you first say "Yes" to a marriage proposal, CALL your parents, grandparents and
    older relatives. They most likely do not Tweet or post on Facebook.
b) When discussing wedding plans and details, brides and bridesmaids should not
    communicate on Facebook. This could cause hard feelings on people who were
    not invited or chosen as a bridesmaid. Better to use text or email.
c) When posting pictures of your engagement ring, it would be better to not mention
    the carat size or cost. The cut - pear, emerald, princess, marquis and the designer are
    appropriate to mention. A visit to the nail salon before taking the picture might also be in
d) Everybody, bride, groom, and all guests should stay off smartphones during the
    reception. It's not polite. You can catch up later. A lot of time, energy and expense
    has gone into the reception. Live the moment.
e) There is no protocol, as of yet, as to when the couple should change their Facebook
     status from engaged to married. Some have done it at the alter, right after the
     first kiss  as man and wife. During the reception is fine as well. It's totally up to you.
f) Bridesmaids, relatives and attendees at the reception, as a courtesy should wait until
    the bride has posted her pictures to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. The
    bride is saying, "Here are the pictures of my wedding day, the happiest day of my life,
    enjoy". A delay of  twelve hours after the bride's posting would be appropriate.
96) Caution advised with brides getting face peels or dermal abrasions. These leave your
face looking like a severe sunburn. The stress of your approaching wedding may
inadvertently lengthen the healing time. Better to schedule these procedures one week
or longer prior to the wedding day.
97) Should you send wedding invitations to coworkers or casual acquaintances so as not
to offend them thinking they won't show up? Guess what, they will and you will pay for their
dinner. Also, do you really want them to witness you dancing to wild music?
98) If you live a long way from home in another city and have to fly home several times
to meet with vendors and plan your wedding, the money you spent on plane tickets
could have been used to hire a wedding planner who can do all the leg work. Let them
worry and fret so you don't have to.
99) Cash bar or open bar? You could consider doing both. Have beer and wine free but have people pay for their own call drinks if they prefer them.
100) The maid of honor or the bridesmaid who is in charge of planning the bachelorette
party should consider the bride's tastes and sensibilities. If the bride is a wine aficianado,don't plan a beer bust. If the bride is not a wild child, don't go to a strip club. Google bachelorette
party themes and show them to the bride and let her decide.
101) Bridesmaids should not order a dress one or two sizes smaller thinking they will lose
weight before the wedding. It doesn't usually happen.
102) Day of the wedding, Bridesmaid luncheon, girl's hair, and makeup appointments, what
are the guys supposed to do? Especially if most of them are from out of town and are
getting bored sitting around the hotel lobby. Rent our Trolley and take them to TOP GOLF.
This is a man cave on steroids. You stand in cabanas and drive golf balls with microchips
in them to targeted areas then look at a computer screen to see how accurate you
were. Good fun for beginners or experts. Locations in Spring, Katy and soon Webster.
103) Create a hashtag for your wedding so you can instantly share information across
several social media platforms at once. Here is an excellent tutorial on hashtags to
help you make it work well for your wedding and circle of friends:
104) Words seen on tee shirts of engaged couples:
"Off The Market"
"Spoken For"
"La Prometida"
"Facebook Status Changed"
"Step Aside, I'm The Bride"
"Make Room, I'm The Groom"
"Just Maui'd" (Hawaiian wedding or honeymoon)
"Under New Management"
"The Hunt Is Over"
"Vows Are Done, Let's Have Some Fun"
"Buy Us A Shot, Carrie's Tying The Knot"
"Game Over"
"Katie's Last Fling" (Bachelorette Party)
"Sweating For The Wedding" (Workout tee shirt)
105) Try on all dresses, shoes and jewelry you plan to wear at the rehearsal dinner, bridesmaids luncheon, and wedding ceremony and reception two weeks before the wedding
to be sure they match and fit and all zippers and buttons are in place and working. Do not
"Presume" that dresses and shoes are "Your" size. Clothes come from all over the world now and a size 4 can no longer be considered"Standard".
106) Do not plan on wearing spike heels or cowboy boots under your wedding dress. You are going to be on your feet all day and dancing all night. Also, a wedding dress is heavy. A better
choice would be ballet slippers, white flip flops, mules or jogging shoes. The only time your feet will show is during the garter toss and you can slip on gold heels just for that event
and then change back to the other shoes.
107) If you want all your bridesmaids  to have the same hairdo, you better get agreement
on that well in advance, not the day before your wedding.
108) Do not let guests go up to the DJ and start bossing him around into playing music
you detest or that would offend your parents or older guests. You don't want to be lost in the moment and then all of a sudden hear gangsta rap, the chicken dance,  the hokey
pokey, or your rival college football fight song if you didn't order it in your song list.
109) Don't do any strenuous outdoor sports ten days before the wedding. Having a
sprained ankle, tennis elbow or bruised knee the day before your wedding would not be a good thing.
110) is fast becoming an excellent place for a wedding registry. Check it out.
111) If you are ordering programs, invitations, a wedding cake or party favors with unusual colors like mauve, teal, ombre, jade, hot pink, "The same shade of coral that Gwen Stefani used for her wedding dress"etc., supply actual paper samples or photos of exactly what you want. Emailing them is not a good idea as scanners and printers are not all alike and/or the printer on the other end could have ink and toner cartridges running low. Never presume that
the manufacturer in the middle of nowhere will "Know what you are talking about".
112) You will always have some out of town distant relatives who may or may not RSVP to the wedding invitation. About 30-40 days out, go to your B&C list and invite friends. Most reception facilities have a 10-20% fudge factor. If you are having a seated dinner with
place cards, then you need to be much more aggressive with your RSVP's.
113) Be sure to get a videographer. There are moments during your wedding that would be
beautifully memorialized in a video you will be watching many times as the years and decades go by like the ceremony, the cutting of the cake, bridesmaid's toast, father-daughter dance, the getaway in the Rolls Royce convertible, etc. One bride commented, "My father gave
a warm, touching and humorous speech that evening that had everybody rolling in the aisles with laughter. Unfortunately, he died from cancer two years later. I would give anything to have a video of the speech that he gave that night."
114) Do not let a "Friend" be your wedding photographer. Choose somebody who specializes in weddings and always go to the studio and look at sample albums. These photographers all have their own style and notion of what a wedding album should look like. Choose somebody whose work looks like something you want. Then be sure you give him/her a VERY SPECIFIC list of poses you want. You must be proactive and use affirmative action or you will just end up with whatever they thought was "Cool". Be sure to give him/her the list of suggested poses around the Rolls Royce or Bentley (It's on our website).
Also, be aware that pictures you see in the studio that were taken outdoors may have vibrant colors or features that may not be possible in a darkened hotel ballroom. If you rent one of our cars for your wedding, you can have a free two-hour photo shoot outdoors behind our building for an engagement,  save the date photo or bridal portrait. You can even use a different vehicle than the one you will use for your wedding.
A good wedding album will have both formal and planned poses as well as those that are casual and spontaneous. For a really excellent discussion from a pro photographer on what a good album should look like, check this out:
115) Have arranged seating at the reception for the bridal party, parents, grandparents
and important relatives. Let everybody else sit where they want.
116) Plan the wedding style, format, and ambiance to suit the two of you. Be considerate of what your parents, church or high school or college friends might prefer, but it is basically your day, so make it a reflection of what you and the groom feel is important.
117) Check your makeup and lipstick several times during the evening. Sipping champagne and eating wedding cake will remove lipstick. Have your maid of honor follow you around with a clutch with lipstick and makeup essentials. Your photographer will be snapping photos of you rapid-fire all night long. You will not have a second chance to do "Once in a lifetime" photos.
118) If you have a lot of out of town guests and distant relatives, don't include them in the rehearsal. That is a tech session for the bridal party, minister and parents. Have the actual rehearsal in the late afternoon and then immediately after it have the "Reception Dinner For Out of Town Guests". This can start right off being a fun event and you will be able to socialize and visit with lots of people and free your time up the next night for more dancing and partying. Any "Windbag" speeches should be given at the Reception/Rehearsal Dinner  to make for a more relaxed and smooth dinner the next night at the wedding reception.
119) Wait an extra day before leaving on the honeymoon. Why get a very expensive
honeymoon suite you will go to at 3:00 AM and then get up at 6:00 AM to catch the first flight to Jamaica? Have a mid-day Sunday brunch for the last visit with out of town family and friends before they leave for the airport, then go lay out by the pool and get a massage at the spa.
After a good night's sleep, arrive at your tropical resort rested and ready to enjoy everything that is offered there. (But don't get sunburned the first day!)
120) WEDDING FLOWERS: The Problem: The main course hasn't even been served, and your flowers are already starting to wilt. It happens to the best of flowers -- a lot more often than you think.
The Solution: Brown might be a pretty wedding color, but not for flowers. When you're shopping around, stick to hardy blooms that don't bruise easily and can go the distance (especially if you're marrying in a particularly hot or humid place). Sunflowers, gerbera daisies, lilies and dahlias are all reasonably safe bets -- their woody stems and slightly tough petals will last longer than other varieties and hide their age. Avoid super-soft flowers like gardenias, lilies of the valley, and tulips, which are more likely to wilt in the spotlight.
If you simply must have these blooms, take preventative action. Your florist should take care of properly cutting and feeding the flowers, but you can help prolong their lives by keeping them away from radiators and other sources of heat -- including windows with southern exposure. Also, if you're providing the vases or containers for your centerpieces, be sure that they've been washed with an antibacterial soap so that nothing in your vessels is promoting decay.
121) BAD TIMING: Want to be sure you have everyone you invite attend? Avoid wedding dates on or near the Superbowl, Mother's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Indy 500, the World Series or the Final Four.
122) Be sure to indicate on the respond card exactly who is invited and a will or will not respond box. This would be the place to say "No children please". If people can bring their  significant other, indicate "Plus one". (Prohibiting plus ones can cause you to lose some friends). The response card might also ask for "Special Dietary Restrictions?" (Gluten free, lactose intolerant, vegan, Kosher, Halal, etc).
123) Have a secret signal to give the DJ to start music  like at the Oscars if some windbag is giving too long a speech and droning on.
124) Be prepared to have the DJ switch genres if nobody is dancing.
125) Thank you cards (NOT emails) are expected for everyone you invited to your wedding and showed up. Just do it.
126) You should plan for no more than 1.5 hours between the church ceremony and the beginning of the reception.
127) Outdoor weddings, especially in very hot or cold weather, do not mix well with formal clothes. (Think porta-potties in 100-degree heat).
128) Ask your jeweler or home insurance agent about a separate insurance policy for the ring.
129) Will you be receiving really expensive wedding gifts, family heirloom jewelry, etc? You should have these items  appraised and photographed and actually listed (Scheduled) on your homeowners insurance policy.
130) No one giving a speech at the rehearsal dinner or wedding reception should EVER mention an Ex.
131) If you don't have a day-of wedding coordinator, designate a bridesmaid to be the "Tweeter of Honor" to handle all your social media so you can live the moment on your wedding day. Yes, you will probably go into withdrawal not having your smartphone stuck in your face 24/7, but you will get over it.
132) If you are decorating the pews in the church with flowers and bows, be sure to have them in place well before the guests arrive.
133) Once the bride and her father are walking down the aisle, they should not under any circumstances stop for a photo op for some relative to take a picture with their smartphone.
134) Comment from an actual bride, "In this big heavy wedding dress, I don't dance,
I just wiggle."
135) Will your wedding have a rustic, country-western theme? For your bachelor and bachelorette parties, check out They feature trail rides,
line dancing, cowboy poker tournaments, night vision hog hunting, mechanical and
live bull riding (Old retired rodeo bull - stomps on you gently). --------------------------------------------------------------
136) Overheard conversation of two granny ladies at a wedding reception: "You know
what they say, a husband is like a linoleum floor;  treat'em right and take care of 'em
and you can walk all over them for thirty years!" 
137) Why should this happen? Last weekend we took a bride and groom from the
church back to their home. It was pouring down rain as we pulled into the driveway and
shut the limo off. The bride didn't have her keys and the groom had trusted his with
his new sister in law. The bride needed to get inside to use the restroom. She called her
sister and was told Aunt Marcia wanted to stop in Walgreens and buy a pair of pantyhose
and a few other things. The bride, in agony, said: "Why does it always have to be about her?"
In another instance, in the dead of winter, we brought a young Marine 1st Lieuenant and
his bride home. They also were without keys and would have to wait. The Marine said,
"We can't afford overtime, just let us out and we will go sit on that bench". I told him,
"We have a strict company policy, (Pause for effect) we don't abandon Marines on the
battlefield. His best man eventually arrived with the keys and the groom said, "I don't
have any cash in my dress pants to give you a tip". I told him, "I wouldn't accept it
if you did".
Guys in tuxedos or dress Marine uniforms seem to think a set of keys in their pocket
makes them appear unfashionable. Sorry to break it to you guys, but people will be
spending ten times more time looking at your bride than you.
If nothing else, hide a key under a brick in the garden.
138) WEDDING RING INSURANCE. You should consider this. Years from now you could be mountain climbing or Scuba Diving and the ring falls off. It could "Mysteriously disappear" from your hotel room. It could accidentally fall into a garbage disposal or toilet. Probably won't, but why take a chance? Your homeowners insurance may not cover it unless it is separately scheduled and has a written appraisal. The jeweler who sold the groom the ring should have their own insurance program. If not, check out
139) OUTDOOR TEXAS WEDDING? Is there some incredibly romantic or sentimental outdoor location that for whatever reason you SIMPLY MUST choose for the location of your wedding ceremony and reception? It is possible to rent a large white tent with a hardwood dance floor and portable air conditioners or heaters, gourmet food trucks and deluxe portable air-conditioned toilets. A good Bridal Consultant will know how to arrange these services.
Some things to consider: Check an almanac for the last several years for your wedding date to see what the temperatures and rainfall were. Have a nearby chapel or meeting room as plan B. Beach sand or wet grass are not ideal places to wear stiletto heels. Advise your guests. If it will be hot, pass out paper fans with your wedding branding and also have lemonade available. If the reception will also be outdoors and possibly windy, use heavy table cloths instead of light paper. A good caterer will also know to bring corner weights. If parking is distant from the oak grove or beach, consider renting eight-passenger golf carts to transport the bridal party and guests. These will be delivered and picked up on special trucks. Check out or You can get your nephews, nieces or cousins to be the drivers.
140) Cutting down on the guest list? This is the only way to reduce the cost of your wedding. Say no children, the reception hall charges full price for anybody with a heartbeat. Whichever family is paying for most of the wedding will usually have more say so on the guest list. Be absolutely sure the venue can accommodate the total number of guests. (The bride and groom are counted and are charged the same as a guest). Friends you haven't seen in five years
are better left off the A list.
141) Picking your wedding colors? Dark jewel tones are best for winter, bright poppy colors for spring or summer. Be sure the bridesmaids' dress colors do not clash with the groomsmen's tuxedos. Check the colors of the carpet and wall coverings at the reception venue to be sure everything will be compatible. Also consider your  wedding style- rustic, casual, formal, beach, nautical? Colors that flatter the skin tone of the bride are perhaps the most important. Consult with the groom as to what his favorite colors are and then use muted shades of each color in conjunction with those of the bride. Holiday-themed wedding? Don't go overboard. This is a wedding and is about the two of YOU, not St. Nick or St. Patrick!
142) This is why all married couples should use a limo on their wedding day. An inebriated
groom in their personal car with just married in white letters leads police on a high-speed chase.
143) New groom: In case nobody told you, now that you're married the feminine order of sequence has changed. For example, if you take your new bride and your mother out to
a nice restaurant for lunch, you seat your bride first and then your mother.
144) This was from an actual table card at a wedding reception:
"TO OUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS: It means the world to us to have you here tonight. Thank you for your endless support, encouragement, love, and laughter you have contributed to our lives. You have helped to make us who we are and for that, we are forever grateful. We hope you enjoy THE MEMORIES WE WILL MAKE TONIGHT and the ones we will share for years to come"
What better or more romantic MEMORY could you have than a getaway from the reception in a classic Rolls Royce or Bentley with your new family name on the license plate?
145) CAKE TOPPER IDEA. Most people just put a generic little plastic bride and groom on top of the wedding cake. How about bobblehead dolls that are carved in the perfect likeness of the bride and groom? This takes about a month and costs $200-300. You send a picture
of the front, back and both sides of each person's head. The bodies are generic wedding dress and tuxedo, but the heads are spot-on models of the couple. Here are some sources, check them out:
146) Bride's wedding night facebooking results in divorce. The bride couldn't stop texting and facebooking all her girlfriends and the impatient groom became furious and filed for divorce the next morning. A bad case of "Sisters before misters". A good bridal consultant will confiscate
the bride and groom's smartphones for the day of the wedding and not return them until noon the next day. Family, guests and vendors will be ORDERED to route all calls through the consultant who will determine what, if any, information needs to be passed on to the couple. Rampant smartphone addiction is out of control in our society. force your self to go cold turkey for this one night.
Check out this story:  (The comments at the end are also good reading)
147) BRIDE's GARTER GAG. Have the DJ arrange this. Take the groom in another room and blindfold him. The idea is that he has to feel a leg and decide which leg is the bride's with the garter. Then put 4 chairs in a row and have two girls in a row with legs that are perhaps smaller or larger than the bride. The third person should be a guy with really hairy legs. Have everybody stand around watching and they will laugh hysterically when the groom quickly removes his hand from the guy's leg. The last person should be the actual bride.
148) For a REAL rustic or cowboy themed wedding, you should consider Silver Sycamore in Pasadena. They have re-created a cowboy village similar to the one on Little House on the Prairie. Check out these pictures:    Of course, our 1953 Chevy Pickup Truck would be the perfect getaway car from this venue!
149) Facebook Etiquette: At the beginng of the reception have the DJ say "Folks, this
is the bride and groom's special night. Please let the professional photographer do his
job and don't get in front of him while he is taking pictures. Please also do not post
any of the pictures from your phone tonight on social media. Let the bride do her own
Facebook posting, remember, it's her night. Post your pictures later.
150) Do you need to prepare a 5 minute Bride, Groom, Mother of the Groom, Mother of the Bride, Father of the Groom, Father of the Bride, Best Man or Maid of Honor Speech? Would you like it to have people rolling on the floor laughing, then crying and then standing and clapping loudly? This woman is a professional speechwriter and she will give you 25 examples of each plus guide you through it as to what to say and what not to say and how to say it. This is an excellent resource you can buy and you will be glad you did. Check it out:
Scroll the link all the way down
151) If you are the Groom, send me a personal email and I will send you a closing statement
to a Groom's speech that will absolutely blow everybody away and is guaranteed to make your bride glad she picked you to be her husband.
152) Wedding reception halls are cheaper on Sundays. But a Catholic wedding on Sunday? Very hard to arrange. Solution: Have the mass on Saturday but only invite very close
friends and family. Then Sunday, have the chairs set in rows for a wedding ceremony at the
hall and ask one of the newer priests at your church to come "Bless" the wedding.
Your protestant friends will think it is an actual wedding ceremony and your Catholic friends
will think it is so nice that you had the wedding blessed. Then you can FIESTA!
153) A touching sign in the middle of the aisle at an outdoor wedding ceremony under two large Sycamore trees. Tradition has it that the members of the bride's family sit on the
left and the groom's family on the right. The sign said, "Choose a seat, not a side, we're all family once the knot is tied".  Other cute signs:
"Trust me, you can dance" - Tequila
"I have found the one whom my soul loves" - Song of Solomon 3:4
A sign carried y the young ring bearer:
"Don't worry ladies; I'm still single"
154) Making a marriage work takes effort and compromise on both the bride and groom.
Here are some tips that all couples would be wise to consider whether you have been
married 30 days or 30 years:
155) The Irish Claddagh Prayer said by the new bride and groom: "May our hands be clasped forever, Our promised loyalty not stray. Our hearts forever joined in love, and may good fortune fill our days".
156) A newly engaged bride at the Bridal Extravaganza was wearing a cute tee shirt. It had a picture of a champagne bottle and the words, "Pop the bubbly, I got a hubby"
157) CHAMPAGNE IN THE LIMO? Maybe not such a good idea. If the Limo hits a bump in the road the champagne could spill all over you. How far do you have to travel to the hotel?
If it's a long ride (More than 15 minutes) and nature calls and you have to go the bathroom, where do you go in a big wedding dress at 1:30 AM in a rough part of town or way out in the middle of nowhere on dark, narrow roads leading away from that "Charming rustic themed
wedding reception venue"?
158) WEDDING BUDGET CRUNCH DECISIONS: I had a bride call and she said she would really like an antique Rolls Royce getaway, but they wanted a super fancy $800/night honeymoon suite at a ritzy hotel. She also mentioned they had a 6:00 AM flight the next morning to Jamaica. HELLOO... Wedding budget items should be for the actual wedding day, the things that will make that day special and romantic and memorable, not just for you and your new lovebird spouse, but for all your family members and guests who came a long way to see a really nice and special wedding. (Presumably, you wouldn't want your Aunt Millie to see the heart-shaped bed and the mirrors in the ceiling).
You will be staying in a very nice honeymoon suite in Jamaica or wherever, so forego the
pink palace you would have for four hours before schlepping to the airport for that early bird flight the very next day.
In our opinion, you should spend your wedding night at the Motel 6 and put the fancy room money to better use for an antique Rolls or Bentley getaway car and the beautiful photos in your wedding album standing by the Rolls with your new last name on the front license plate.
We are, of course, rather prejudiced in that opinion....
159) SPARKLERS? Better think twice.... Yes, having everyone line up with sparklers at the getaway at the end seems fun and romantic, but there are downsides. Sparklers are dangerous and the sparks can very easily catch the bride's dress or her hairdo (Full of very flammable hairspray) on fire. 
Just this year we had a bride's mother's dress catch on fire and nobody responded right away
(This is not unusual). The chauffeur quickly removed his coat, wrapped it around the mom and bear hugged her. It could have gone down very badly.
IF YOU USE sparklers, involve the best man, the fathers and some large big strong groomsmen to be sure everybody acts in a safe and mature manner.
The chauffeur will politely, but strongly, advise guests not to get close to the car with sparklers.
If your wedding guests will include small children and rowdy drunk people, sparklers are probably not a good idea. Better plan: Use white rose petals.
160) DAYLIGHT/FIRST LOOK PHOTOS. If you are reserving a Rolls or Bentley only for the late-night getaway, you may be concerned because you are not getting photos during daylight standing beside the car. There will never be another opportunity with both of you in your wedding attire.
For a nominal extra fee, the car can show up earlier just for those photos. Depending on how much earlier you want the car and how far out in the boondocks your reception facility is will determine the price. ($250-$650).
161) NATURE CALLS: We have had this happen twice: Couple gets married in a romantic and quaint reception venue way out in the boondocks in the middle of nowhere. A very long ride to the hotel by the airport. A blinding rainstorm develops, sheets of rain blowing sideways at 40 mph. Lightning and thunder everywhere. Cars off on the shoulder with flashers on. Others creeping along at 15 mph.
The groom intones, "The bride has to go to the bathroom; it's an emergency". Wonderful.
Where do you think you are going to find a restroom at 1:00 AM? Most likely a convenience
store with a filthy combination broom closet and bathroom. Outside are hoodlums and gang members sitting on the hoods of their low rider cars leering at the bride and making the situation very tense for the groom and the driver.
This happened to an unfortunate couple using a service different from ours: The groom asked the chauffeur to stop at a convenience store so he could relieve himself. The chauffeur said, "You just paid for a point to point transfer, that would be an "Unscheduled Stop" with a $95 charge added to your bill. Like certain airlines with unbelievably low prices who then nickel and dime you death once you showup, some Limo companies do the same. Better to check on all that in advance.
BRIDES: You will soon learn to do this with your kids: Make them go to the bathroom before a long car trip and TRY to go. Now apply the same rule to yourself.....
162) USING THE TROLLEY TO SHUTTLE THE BRIDAL PARTY FROM THE HOTEL TO THE CHURCH: Have the Trolley take the groomsmen first. This will allow more time for the
bride and bridesmaids to get ready and look pretty.
Etta James song, "At Last" and the couple strolls onto the dance floor and starts dancing. Then the fog machine covers the first two feet of the dance floor with cloud-like billows of fog.
Halfway through the dance, six roman candle style fireworks displays shoot sparks straight up. These are special cold fireworks that are safe to use indoors. The visual effect is beyond stunning. CAUTION: You must use a licensed fireworks person who has a permit for this particular event. TIP: Permits for reception halls in the boondocks are easier to get than inside Houston City Limits. Our recommendation: Ray Robinson, 281 364-9738.
164) THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS IN LIFE ARE NOT THINGS. Have you ever noticed how older retired people like to travel? Perhaps they have realized that after working their fingers to the bone for many decades to acquire lots of "Things" that other matters might be more
meaningful, like shared life experiences.
165) These sayings were on throw pillows in the Bridal Suite at Plantation by the Bay:
"When I count my blessings, I count you twice" and "A marriage is a union of two good forgivers".
166) DIFFERENT WAY TO THROW A BOUQUET? Line up the bridesmaids behind the Rolls Convertible or the Red Trolley and throw the bouquet to them as the vehicle drives off!
167) THE GRAND ENTRANCE (As opposed to the Grand Getaway). We have had the situation where guests start leaving before the end of the reception and the bride panics and calls us and asks if we can get there two hours early so the guests can see the car. (Usually, we can't). Here's the solution: No guest will ever leave until after their free meal. So, either use the car from the church to the reception, or if the ceremony and reception are on the same site, have all guests go into the hall for cocktails while you do the family pictures in the chapel. Then, have everybody lined up just like you would for the getaway and the Rolls or Bentley or Convertible glides up to a pre-positioned red carpet (Just like at the Oscars) and you gracefully wave and make your way into the hall as the crowd cheers wildly. Done deal, mission accomplished.
168) FIRST DANCE/LAST DANCE/Last-last DANCE. A current fad with couples is to do the "Last Dance" where everybody is involved and then the ballroom is cleared for everybody except the couple who do a "Dance" in an empty room with the videographer and the photographer capturing this intimate, sentimental moment. This is all well and good, but all the wedding guests are lined up by the Rolls in the unbearable heat or cold, looking at their watch (Phone) and wondering what is taking so long. Remember, you can have the DJ do a shorter version of your favorite song if you want to do this.
169. SPARKLERS (2). IF YOU DO Sparklers, you will find they are hard to light with cigarette lighters or barbecue lighters, especially if the wind is blowing. One way to solve this is to go to an upscale  kitchen/restaurant supply store like Sur Le Table and get a Creme Brulee Torch. This is an expensive item that requires some skill to use. The flame is intense, however and gets sparklers started  in an instant. Be very careful and under no circumstrances should you allow children to use it .
170) MUSCLE CRAMPS. Bad Case Scenario: Late night parties, little or no sensible food, dehydration, stress and nervously standing in one place for a long wedding ceremony. Solution: Hylands Leg Cramp Pills. Available over the counter at any drugstore. Put two small pills under your tongue and cramps anywhere in your body disappear. Have the bottle in your bride's emergency kit or the groom's pocket.
171) Want to see a millennial have that "Deer in the headlights look"? Ask them if they are going to do the "Hokey Pokey" or the "Chicken Dance" at their wedding reception!
172) ROYAL WEDDING TIDBITS: When Prince Harry proposed to Meghan Markle, they were in his cottage preparing dinner (Both like to cook). Meghan said YES before he could even finish the sentence. Prince Wills got Diana's engagement ring to give to Kate because he was the first brother to marry. Prince Harry had a ring made from several stones in Diana's collection to give to Meghan. When Queen Elizabeth married Prince Phillip in 1947, clothing was still tightly rationed from WWII. She had saved her clothing rations for six years to be able to get her wedding dress which was very beautiful and elaborate. Meghan arrived at her wedding in a vintage Rolls Royce. Shouldn't you do that as well?
173) Going on a Honeymoon Cruise? You have now been Mrs. Jane Doe
now for what, 21 hours? Be advised that the name on your cruise ship ticket must EXACTLY match the name on your passport. Ask your travel agent or the cruise line how you should handle this matter. (Same for plane tickets if flying to a foreign country)
174) Dryer Sheets very useful for weddings. Removes antiperspirant from clothes, cat and dog hair, and prevents static cling.
175) OUTDOOR RUSTIC WEDDING? Print the Wedding Program on paper fans with wooden handles to give to your guests on hot days.
176) Have your strapless bra sewn into your wedding dress. This can help prevent a wardrobe malfunction when you vigorously throw the wedding bouquet over your shoulder to the bridesmaids behind you.
177) CHEAP WEDDING CAKE. Don't go for the four foot tall deluxe over the top seven layer cake. Have a three inch tall two layer cake for pictures of the cutting, etc. The secret is to then have people back in the kitchen cut up sheet cakes from the local grocery store or bakery. Your guests will never know. Then with the money you saved, rent a vintage Rolls Royce or Bentley for your getaway car.
178) Cute ways to let people you are Just Married
179) WEDDING TRADITIONS: These go back hundreds of years. In Medieval Times, there was internecine fighting between clans and warring tribes. (Think Hatfield and McCoys). If you wanted to really get at an enemy, why not crash and ruin an important village wedding? The bride always stands to the left of the groom so his sword hand will be free. Same reason the best man (In those days the best sword fighter) was always his "Right-hand man" and stood to his right side.
In those times the bride and bridesmaids wore identical dresses so that in the event of an attack, the enemy would be confused and not know which one was the bride. It also served to confuse evil spirits. Queen Elizabeth in 1847 was the last queen to honor this tradition. Since 1900, a wedding dress is white but bridesmaids wear identical dresses so as to avoid dress envy and not upstage the queen.
In those times it was believed that evil spirits lived in the basements of the castle. When the groom carries the bride across the threshold, it is to keep the evil spirits from grabbing her by the ankles and dragging her down into the dungeons.
There are some cases where perhaps the bride and groom are Christians,
but different denominations, or the couple don't live in Houston but chose
to get married here and the bride doesn't want a meeting room at a hotel
for the ceremony. Well, you're in luck. The Bay Area Museum, 5001 NASA
Rd 1 in Seabrook has a 118-year-old church complete with pews and an altar
that can be rented. You would need to get your own officiant. There is also
an adjoining room that can be used for the reception (50-125 guests).
Check it out:
181) SAY IT WITH LIGHTS AND LETTERS 3 FEET TALL. There is a company here
in Houston with a large collection of lighted letters and numbers they can
arrange to say anything you want. You can put them indoors or outdoors.
How about #JULIEWEDSWILL, MR&MRS, MARRY ME, or HAPPY 50th. You have to
see their website!, click on Gallery.
182) PHOTO - VEIL BLOWING IN THE WIND. Maybe there is no wind that day. So, bring a fishing pole with a thin monofilament line and a small hook and hold the veil out like the wind is blowing it.
183) SUNDAY NIGHT WEDDING AND RECEPTION? These are becoming popular as they are cheaper than Saturday night events. Important tip: People will come, but most of them have to get up very early to go to work the next morning. If your venue is out in the middle of nowhere, they will want to sneak out and leave even earlier. YOU SHOULD END AND DEPART BY 9:00 PM. Also, if you booked the Rolls for 10 or 11 PM and panic because the room is emptying out, don't call and expect the Rolls to be there in 5 minutes. It won't happen.
184) Excellent Wedding Gift - The book, "Married for Life", Inspirations From
Those Married 50 Years or More by Russ Potter and Bill Morelan. Very inspir-
ational and uplifting. Excellent life tips. Available at Hallmark Gift Shops.
185) Planning a Gatsby Themed Wedding Reception? The bridesmaids and the ladies will probably want a rhinestone headband with a white feather. A good source for those is Ebay:
186) More Ideas for a Gatsby Themed Wedding Reception or Gala. Scroll all the way
down through these pictures to see ballrooms decorated Gatsby and pictures from
actual Gatsby Parties.
187) Is your photographer using a drone camera? Here is an excellent idea. Have your wedding guests go out in an open grassy area and line up in the shape of a heart. Then you and your betrothed get in the middle of the group and spread the train of the dress out. The drone captures the scene from above.
188) Here are some nice words for a sign or the wedding day program: "Marriage is a bond held together by a glue called love", and "Family-Where life begins and love never ends".
189) This is a quote from F. Scott Fitzgerald (Who wote the book, "The Great Gatsby"
190) Going to Hawaii for a destination wedding or hineymoon? The Battleship Missouri is docked at Pearl Harbor as part of the National Park. There is the Admiral's Wardroom, a luxurious dining room that can seat up to twelve people. It is not on the tour, or even mentioned. It can, however be rented for a rehearsal dinner or special dinner. It is right behind the Captain's Quarters. I don;t know how much more special you could make a dinner event.
SPECIAL BONUS: Going on a Honeymoon Cruise? Scroll down for a list of very
helpful tips for anyone going on a cruise ship
If you let your mind wander and reflect on the sweetest moments in your life, most people would narrow it down to about ten. Certainly your wedding day should be one of those events like Barbra Streisand mentions in her song, "Memories light the corners of my mind, misty water colored memories..."
Many of you may be looking at your wedding budget and trying to determine what best to include and what to leave out. SUGGESTION: Include selections in your wedding that will embed beautiful memories to share and reflect on for generations. Looking out the back window of a vintage Rolls Royce as you drive off, waving goodbye to your family and friends seems to come to mind somehow.
It is at that moment when you take a deep sigh, lean back in the plush leather seats, gaze into each other's eyes and realize that, yes you are now actually married and going boldly into the future as a couple with your first journey together in a car from a company that advertises itself as the maker of "The Best Car in the World", a claim that has never been challenged by any other car manufacturer.
Brides have told me they were awed and overwhelmed by the waves, smiles and stares of people as we drove along. The concierge and doormen of the hotel become suddenly very attentive as they know that only very important people arrive in a Rolls Royce.
The ride to the hotel in the Rolls was the perfect ending to your perfect day. Years later you will tell your grandaughter about the "Misty water colored memory" of gliding off from the reception in a vintage Rolls Royce.
So, when I am asked, "What product or service do you offer"?, I don't say "Transportation"; rather I say, "We are in the business of providing very special romantic memories that people will cherish for a lifetime. That's who we are and that's what we do".
 SUMMARY: In the history of the world, there has never been a large, formal wedding that went off totally without a single little problem. If you assign people with specific jobs and have them prepared to do the jobs of two others on very short notice, you will probably be able to contain problems before they spin out of control. Once the reception gets going, the guests will be celebrating, socializing among themselves and probably not notice much of anything except how fabulous and happy the Bride and Groom looked.
So, here's to Love, Laughter and Happily Ever After!
Two Hearts; One Soul.
Happy Wife = Happy Life.
Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear,
Too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice,
But for those who love, time is eternity!  - Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking outward together
in the same direction. - Antoine de Saint-Exupery
"Love will abide, take things in stride 
and I think I'm gonna love you for a long, long time" -  Linda Rondstat
"We are the makers of music and the weavers of dreams" - Willy Wonka
Relax, enjoy, accept the crazy and be married........

These Tips are provided to you Compliments of
Jordan Limousines.....


1. IMPORTANT: A newlywed bride may or may not have changed her new family name on her passport and drivers license. These names must EXACTLY MATCH your ship and airplane boarding passes and VISAS for any foreign countries you are visiting. Do not use nicknames or shortened names. (Example: Gwendolyn not
Use your cell phone camera to take pictures of passports, credit cards,
drivers license and plane tickets.
2. Put your cell phone on airplane mode to avoid roaming charges while at sea. If you purchased
a foreign per day cell phone plan, use it only when the ship is docked in major ports.
3. Put important stuff in a clear ziplock bag one for each person and
then put it into the cabin's safe. (To avoid co-mingling)
4. You can select which type of fruit you want in the basket in your cabin.
(Crimson pears). Ask your cabin boy.
5. Cabin walls are metal. Bring magnet hooks and clips.
6. Battery operated candles make good night lights in cabins with
no windows or portholes. (NEVER use open flames in a ship)
7. Take Post-it notes to leave messages on the mirror.
8. Take a sewing kit, safety pins, and clothespins.
9. Sunscreen expires in one year.
10. Cross/packing man-wife items in case one suitcase gets lost.
11. Take extra thin hangers. 
12. Ship's unique alternating 110v current can make plug-in alarm
clocks unreliable. Bring a battery alarm clock. Also use ships
wakeup call service.
13. Remove unused heavy hangers in the cabin closet as they bang into
each other as the ship rocks back and forth.
14. Do not leave the balcony door open. It messes up the ship's ventilation
15. Always take the ship's daily newsletter with you on shore excursions.
It lists the cruise line's agent in that city.
16. Do not put your ship ID card or credit cards near magnet clips.
17. Make specialty restaurant reservations the first day of the cruise.
18. As soon as you can get in your cabin, verify that all lights, TV,
toilet, etc are in working order. Notify the cabin boy if not.
19. Disney is the only cruise line with swimming pool lifeguards.
20. Go to beforehand and get on the chat room for your
particular cruise.
21. Best cruise prices anywhere are after Thanksgiving but before
Christmas. Also Jan 3-20.
22. Anytime you prepare for a cruise, unpack and re-pack. Take
half the clothes and twice the money.
23. Take a yellow hi-liter pen to mark important things on the ship's
daily newsletter.
24. When going ashore, the ship's time and the port's time MAY BE
DIFFERENT. Don't miss the boat.
25. Take small Tupperware or ziplock bags to sneak food items from the
buffet back to your cabin.
26. Pack a casual change of clothes in your carry on. It may be late at night
before your luggage is delivered to your cabin.
27. Bring earplugs and eye mask for the flight and the ship.
28. Bring your own neck lanyard to avoid buying the ship's overpriced
29. If traveling with kids, put a daily spend limit on their ship ID card.
30. Use a travel agent. Do your own homework and then let a travel
agent book the best cruise at the best price. They have access to deals
nobody else has.
31. Get to shows early to get good seats.
32. Spa sessions may be cheaper when the ship is in a port of call.
33. Take a box of ginger snap cookies for seasickness.
34. Have xerox paper copies of passports, drivers license, etc. Keep in
a different place than the actual documents.
35. Put suitcases under the bed.
36. Be sure your cruise is not a theme cruise for something you don't
37. Take a shower in the spa or gym. Not as cramped as the one in
your cabin.
38. Select a deck level for your cabin that has cabins above and below you
and away from night clubs, shows, restaurants, elevators, and the ships
engine room.
39. If the water bottles in your cabin have a broken seal, they have been
refilled with tap water.
40. Disney ships do not have casinos.
41. Be sure you have a flashlight and a battery night light.
42. Have plenty of one and five dollar bills for tipping and taxis and
buying geegaws in ports, otherwise, you may get change in a relatively
worthless currency.
43. Buy items for your cruise at dollar stores, Not a catastrophe if
they get lost or broken.
44. Take a child's sippy cup or Yeti insulated tumbler to use in your cabin or balcony. If the wind or the rocking of the ship knocks it over, you have a much smaller mess to clean up.
45. If you can't decide what to order in the main dining room, you can
request appetizer size entrees and get all three.
46. If you have business to conduct with the guest services desk on the ship, do it
very early in the morning or late in the evening.
47. If you are going to tropical islands, be sure to have your own insect repellent and sunscreen.
48. Notify all your credit card companies that you will be traveling out of
the country or they could panic and close your account entirely.
49. If you use exotic makeup or cosmetics like BB, CC or DD, etc, be sure
to take them with you. The ship's store and remote islands are unlikely
to carry wide selections of such items.
50. Use a limo to get to the ship instead of your private car. Parking
lot prices can be very expensive.The drivers of the shuttle will not help
 you with your heavy bags or if they do, they will bang them around. Also,
shuttles when busy may cause you to wait up to 30 minutes in the heat. 
When your limo arrives at the dock, the ship's staff will be only too eager 
to help you with your bags. (Don't forget to tip).
51. Best plan (My opinion) is to book everything through the cruise line,
plane tickets, transfers, insurance and shore excursions. That way, if there is a problem or issue, you only have one source to say, "We have a problem here, please fix it". In this day of Facebook, yelp and google reviews, no business serving the public can afford to rip people off. You get what you pay for. Cheapest is seldom the best.
52. Take several pair of sunglasses in different shades. Take an extra pair
of reading glasses. Take chapstick, waterproof makeup, first aid kit.
53. Don't put wet things over chairs on the balcony to dry. A wind will
come up and blow them overboard. Better to bring several balloons 
and put clothing items around them in your cabin. Problem solved.
54. Free candy. Take a ziplock bag and visit the ice cream station. Slip
some toppings into your bag for later enjoyment.
55. Free booze. Go to an art auction where they will offer you free drinks or
wine so you get liquored up and pay stupid prices for bad art. Be sure
to act somewhat interested in each piece offered up for bids.
56. Free spa treatments. On the first day, the spa may offer free "Mini
treatment or massages" to highlight their offerings and encourage you
to come back later in the cruise for the full (Priced) treatments.
57. Missed menu item? Perhaps you stayed too long at the bingo tournament
and missed an item only offered once during the cruise at the main dining room. Ask your server if there are any servings of it left in the galley and
you might be pleasantly rewarded. (A discreet cash tip would be in order)
58. Want unbiased shore excursion advice? Ask your cabin boy or other
crew members. They go to these ports all the time and know where to go
for the best deals and meals without paying high prices.
59. Dollar store flip flops not a good idea on wet decks, stairs or in
ports. Get something with more straps.
60. Exploring ports on your own? Visit the faraway locations first
and then work your way back to the ship. (It will leave without you
if you don't make it back on time).
61) Eating green apples may help with seasickness.
62) If you take prescription meds every day, take ten extra days with you in case of a ship delay or other unforeseen event. You might want to take your prescription list from your doctor's office.
63) If you are taking VERY EXPENSIVE jewelry or watches with you, have copies of the sales receipts and/or your itemized home insurance policy. Customs may accuse you of buying your jewelry during the trip and want you to pay customs import duty on the items.
64) Long before your cruise, go on ebay or Amazon and order tourist
guides for the countries and ports you will be visiting. That way you can better choose which shore excursions you may want.
65) The 110v electric outlet in the bathroom may or may not support the
use of a hair drier. The GFCI outlet is usually by the desk. Use it.
66) Some cruise lines will let you bring one or two bottles of your own
wine on the cruise, but in the dining room, there will be a "Corkage Fee"
to open the bottle and ice it down. Check ahead of time on their policy.
67) Catch 22. If you go on an Alaska cruise, many of the shore excursions involve float planes or helicopters. If it is rainy or cloudy, those tours will be canceled. You will get your money refunded, but you will be stuck on the ship all day with nothing to do. Better to choose tours that involve buses or vans to get to the attractions.
68) Managing tangled and loose jewelry. You take out your jewelry on the first formal night and its all tangled in one large, sparkly ball. Earrings can be threaded through buttons or separated out in pill containers that have a compartment for each weekday.  Keep thin necklaces from tangling by threading them through a cut in half drinking straw and then clasping them closed, or by taping them to an index card. Other tricks to keeping small pieces of jewelry separated include storing items in egg cartons, Altoid cases or Tic Tac boxes.
69) Preventing liquids from leaking. Forget dirt - what you really don't want all over your new maxi dress and Bermuda shorts is sunscreen, shampoo or shaving cream. The easiest method is tocut a square piece of plastic wrap, place it over the open top of the bottle, then screw the cap on over the plastic square. Put some tape over the top to be safe. You can also put small amounts of liquids in pill bottles with childproof caps. Another solution that does double duty is storing your bottles in
a Tupperware box. Once you place the bottles in a drawer in your cabin, wash the box out thoroughly and then use it to carry out food from the buffet.
70) Take a shoe bag holder and put it on the inside of the bathroom door.
71) Take balloons or beachballs and place wet clothes around them for fast drying. (Do not hang clothes on the railing of your balcony)
72) Traveling with a "Casual acquaintance" ? Use magnet hooks on the wall and string a shower curtain between the two beds for privacy.
73) Buy a neck lanyard for your ship's ID card ahead of the cruise. The ones on the ship are a little pricey.
74) Eat desserts only after dinner. If you go to the buffet and start eating desserts at noon, you won't stop. Use some self-control.
75) Go to your local bank two weeks before the cruise and order foreign currency for the countries you will be visiting. ATMs may or may not be available and may be very pricey.
76) Take large Ziploc bags for dirty clothes and wet bathing suits. You cal also use them for doggy bag items from the buffet.
77) Items you cannot take on a cruise ship: cigarette lighters, can openers, drones, vapes, hoverboards, irons, and portable coffee makers. Some ships have even more strict rules, inquire ahead of time.
78) There are waterproof bags to take your cell phone snorkeling. Fine, but do you want to risk losing your directory and all your data? Get a burner phone for that.
79) Read your daily program every day. Plan your activities to enhance your cruise experience. Some fun or interesting things are only offered once during the cruise. You can lounge around in your pajamas and watch TV when you get back home.
80) Catch at least one sunrise and sunset while underway at sea with the ocean breeze in your face. These are the kinds of moments most people can only dream of.
81) Thoroughly explore all decks on the ship the first day.
82) Make the effort to eat in the main dining rooms and the alternate specialty restaurants. The buffet is easy, but the food is ho-hum, ordinary and everyday. You paid a lot of money to go on this cruise and next week you will be back to Mickey D's. (Wishing you were
back on the cruise). (I had an exhibit at the Galveston Bridal Show one time. They had no coffee. I could hear and see the Carnival Cruise ship leaving the dock and I experienced serious designer coffee and cruise ship withdrawl)!
83) Study the shore excursion descriptions carefully. Some of them like Mount Vesuvius, Pompeii or "Walking Tour of Venice" (11 miles) involve long uphill walks over rough terrain and rocks in searing heat (In August). You may be standing in very long lines for the Isle of Capri ferries. A walking stick that has a folding seat can be helpful. Do not wear "Fashionable" light sandals. Wear Nike jogging shoes or hiking boots with ankle support. If you are young, athletic and full of energy, strength, and vitality great, go for the "Out there" tours. Otherwise choose tours described as "Panoramic" (Where you sit in an air-conditioned van and admire the scenery and places of interest as you glide by). Eat small breakfasts and go easy on the coffee and juices.Restroom facilities are few and far between and not always clean.
84) Take a yuppie/preppie drawstring backpack to hold  a bottle of water, snacks, binoculars and any geegaw souvenirs you may buy.
85) Get a necklace pouch to carry your visa, passport, one credit card and local currency. Never take your entire purse or wallet with everything in the world in it.
86) Fly into your departure city a day early. Never book the last flight of the day. Arranging your flights through the cruise line costs more, but if there is a flight delay, the cruise line has to get you to the ship at their expense. (Also always get trip insurance, also through the cruise line).
87) There will usually be live seminars describing everything you can do the next day when the ship arrives at the next port. If you miss the seminar, it will be on the ship's video system.
88) On your business and personal email and voice mail, be vague and say you will have limited access for a day or two. Do not post daily on Facebook/Twitter as then people will know you are out of town and may spread the word to people who shouldn't hear it. Do not change your outgoing voice mail message at the airport. The background noise is enormous. Do it at home right before you leave. Most voicemail systems are full after 20 messages. Ask people to not leave a voice mail, and suggest they send you an email. Most cruise ships today have excellent wifi. (But you still have to pay for the privilege).
89) Be well-rested the day and night before your cruise. If you are wiped out from no sleep, you forget very important things or details you should have attended to. You will also crash the whole first day of your cruise and miss important and fun activities.
90) Are you a foodie? A tour of the galley and a cooking class may be one of the highlights of your cruise.
91) For a honeymoon cruise, pick one that leaves a day or two after the wedding. You will then be rested up and wound down and ready to focus on the cruise.
92) On your bridal registry, have an option where friends and family can contribute to the cruise or onboard credits. (You need to specifically inform people you do not need or want crystal or silver bowls, else you will be drowning in them).
93) Reserve a couple's cabana in the adults-only area.
94) Be sure to get on the list of passengers who are on their honeymoon. There will be special events, parties, and receptions, also a drawing for some nice items.
95) Book a side-by-side couples massage at the spa or in your cabin. 
96) It's always a good idea to use a travel agent when planning a cruise. (,
ask for Terry and say we sent you). Travel agents can get you deals and perks you could never get on your own.
97) When planning your cruise: Take half the clothes and twice the money.
98) Enroll in Global Entry and TSA Pre-Check. Great timesavers when returning to the United States.
99) If you want to buy pictures from the ship's roving photographers, wait until the day before the cruise ends, they will usually offer a discount.
100) The night before the cruise ends, lay out what you want to wear for disembarkation appropriate for the weather. (A bathing suit and flip-flops are not recommended). Put small necessary items in a carry-on.  Put your heavy suitcases in the hallway for the crew to get to the U.S. Customs area. The elevators will have long lines of people schlepping their own giant suitcases. Don't be one of them.
101) Don't discard or leave your ship ID card in your cabin at the end of the cruise. You must swipe it as you go down the gangplank the last time. It's the only way for the ship to know who is still on board. Once you are on dry land, you can keep it as a souvenir. Do not discard it until you are safely back home.
102) If you are traveling to a country that requires malaria, Yellow Fever or other inoculations, have the records with you at all times. You will not be allowed to board the ship without them. Some shots are once in a lifetime. Keep these records with your passports when you get back home. You may have future travel plans you didn't anticipate. Have xeroxed copies.
103) SUNBURN WARNING: Bad case scenario: You arrive at your hotel
after the wedding reception about 2:00 AM. Your cruise leaves the next day at noon. You are wiped out and exhausted. As the ship sails, you
put on your string bikini and go out and lay by the swimming pool on
a recliner and fall dead asleep. Your sunblock expired 18 months ago. Several hours later you look like a boiled red lobster and are in intense pain the rest of the cruise. Crash in your cabin or wear your bluetooth fitness watch and set a time for an alarm to go off.
104) Get paper sleeves with RFID protection for your credit cards and passport. A crook with a scanner can get near you and read everything on the magnetic stripe on the cards and the passport. Do not put anything metal, like tin foil in direct contact with the magnetic stripe. 
105) You should take two small cameras for going ashore. Do not use your cell phone to take pictures. Leave it in the safe in your cabin.Think about all that you lose if your cell phone is lost, stolen or falls in the water. (bank accounts, passwords, calendar, directory) Insurance? Yeah, right but there is a $250 deductible you must pay in cash. Also, if you "Lose" your phone more than once a year, you may be denied. Before you go on the cruise, get a flash drive and download everything onto it. Leave the flash drive at home. Your "Cloud" picture savers only work in the USA. Both of you should take pictures with the cameras in case one of the cameras gets lost or stolen.
At the end of each day, use the ship's wifi to email all that day's pictures to yourself.
106) Verizon International service is worthless. It only works in Paris,
London, Rome and other big European cities. It does not work in Africa,
South America or the Far East. The only choices serious travelers use are AT&T, T-Mobile and Viacomm.
107) Custom checkpoints in foreign countries can have really rude agents who don't break the rules for anyone. If you have a 10 ounce bottle with only two ounces of shampoo or whatever, it will be confiscated. When they say three ounces or 100 ml, that means that is the size of the bottle, not the contents.
Scissors must have round tips.
108) When going on shore excursions take only the minimum required items,
passport, small bills, etc. You can roll larger bills in a cleaned out chapstick.
Have a money belt, neck pouch or infinity scarf with a hidden zipper pouch for money and credit cards. Have mugger money, some ones and fives, If a mugger pulls a knife on you, drop the chump change and run.
109) If you are using a limo service or private tour guide, be very careful. Some
crook may see your name on a card, put it on his card and move to the front of the line, gets you into his limo or van, and takes you out in the woods and robs you. Use a different made-up name for yourself. Ask for the driver's name. Ask him a test question, "Did you bring a Lincoln Town Car"? (Or Land Rover Safari Jeep"). His pre-arranged reply, "No, I brought the Cadillac". (Or something similar), (Double password)
110) Have a fresh can of shaving cream, toothpaste and other items in your big suitcase. You may get stuck on a ship waiting for fog to lift to come into port (Or be stuck at sea for three weeks because someone on your ship has Coronavirus). Buying toiletries in a foreign country is unwise. Toothpaste in Vietnam has ethylene glycol (antifreeze) in it. If it goes on your skin or in your mouth, be very careful. Better to buy it at high prices in the ship's store.
111) You should disable the google map icon on your phone. Why have someone know you are out of the country so they can do something foolish?
112) Take simple thank you cards and envelopes to use for tips to ship's crew and/or to any fellow passengers who were really nice to you on the cruise.
113) When flying into third world countries, the lines for customs and immigration are very long. You can see the restrooms in the outer lobby.
Better to go to the restroom on the plane or ship right before entering a
foreign country.
114) In crowded airports or cruise ship terminals, thieves look for unattended back packs or carry-ons to steal. You can put a carabiner on a strap and snap the beaner to a table leg or chair arm. Another tip is to go to a bicycle store and buy a cable with a combo lock and run it through the handles of your bags.
Thieves only want quick and easy things to grab.
115) In safari game parks, you will know when you are entering lion country.
There will be double electric gates (Like the entrance to Jurassic Park). The guides will tell you that the lions are fascinated with the turning wheels of the Land Rover. If a lion approaches they just stop and the lion gets bored and/or they fire a few rounds into the ground. It works most of the time.
116) Look at the shore excursion trip descriptions carefully. There will be icons that describe how strenuous the excursion is. One walking man icon is an easy trip. Three walking man icons side by side means serious long, hard uphill climbing only for young bucks and girl tomboys. The secret tip is if it says "Wheelchair persons permitted with an assistant" then older, heavier people can mosey along with them and not break a sweat.
117) Some cell phones act strangely when you are in the middle of the ocean and there is no cell signal. For instance, your calendar may lose some of its data. If you "Live on your phone", you better make paper copies of any data or contacts or passwords and pin numbers you may need during the trip.
118) If you are going somewhere like Africa or Alaska where you will want to watch wildlife and birds with binoculars, be careful. If you drop them, the lenses cannot be realigned in the bush. You should also choose binoculars  that are easy to focus, not zoom lenses that would require double focusing. While you are focusing, the animal or bird has gone into the bushes. Realignment costs about $150. I would recommend the Vortex Diamondback 10x binoculars, they are made for serious outdoor people, hunters and construction workers. They come with a lifetime unconditional guarantee and will be recalibrated free if you send them to the factory. (Cost about $230)
119) If you are going to countries that require lots of shots, you need to go to a doctor or hospital that has an extensive executive travel program. People over 70 should not get a Yellow Fever shot. With Malaria you can go with pills or a shot. There are different kinds of Malaria, the shot that protects you from one strain is worthless for the other. Malaria pills are expensive and very powerful.
They can cause you to have blood in your urine. If you are taking a blood thinner like Warfarin or if you like to take aspirin all the time, the Malaria pills can be very dangerous. Your local GP doctor may not know enough about tropical medicine to properly advise you,
120) When you get home from your trip, destroy everything that has a barcode on it like boarding passes. Anyone can buy a barcode scanner and look at your boarding pass and get your name, address, phone number and frequent flyer number.
121) If you are going on long flights like Houston to Dubai (16 hours) or Australia (22 hours) you should buy and wear knee-length compression socks and walk around during the flight to avoid long vein thrombosis. If you get leg cramps, the best over the counter medication I have found is Hylands. You put two small pills under your tongue and the cramps are gone in three minutes max. You can also take potassium, gatorade or something with lots of mustard.
122) More reasons to book shore excursions through the ship. We just returned
from an Oceania Cruise to South Africa on the Nautica. One of our ports of call was Port Stanley and we had shore excursions booked there. The wind and waves were very high and the Port Captain denied entry to the harbor, so we just sailed on to our next port. Our shore excursions were refunded to our onboard account. The hapless passengers who thought they were being real smart and booked their own private tour now have to beg for a refund they might not get. You are in a foreign country 7,000 miles from home. Who are you going to complain to? Bad reviews? Who cares, you're in the middle of nowhere. A few months ago, there were two fatal car accidents in Belize and four passengers from two different cruise ships were killed.

Again, people thought they were gaming the system using private tour operators they found on the internet. A cruise line has to check their shore excursion tour operators for proper licenses and permits and insurance and inspected vehicles and safe drivers. (Fly by night local tour operators seldom trifle themselves with such inconveniences) The poor families now had to cancel the vacation and make arrangements to ship a body back to the USA (Cost about $25,000). You did get trip insurance, right? (From the same set of low buck artists on the internet?). You save up a lot of money to be able to go on a cruise. You can't eliminate every possible problem, but you can sure eliminate most of them by otherbooking everything through the cruise line. Don't be penny wise and pound foolish. Being 7,000 miles from home in a foreign country is not the time or place to have major problems you could have easily prevented.


123) If you are going on a cruise in the wintertime, shut off the water to your home at the water meter in the front yard in case of a hard freeze that could burst pipes. If you don't want to do that, you can at least shut off the water valves to your toilets and hot water heater. Better to be safe than sorry. It is also a good idea to have a friend or relative check your home frequently while you are away.


124) Coronavirus? There have been other viruses on cruise ships, like SARS, Norovirus and Avian Flu. Washing hands with hot water at least twenty times a day is a good idea. Take your own box of rubber gloves. Only use the handrails in the passageways if the ship is rolling hard in rough seas. Do not shake hands with anyone. Do not fist bump anyone. Do not hug anyone. The correct welcome in an infectious environment is the elbow bump. Take your own face mask. The cheap ones are worthless. Get a top grade medical mask with a box of air filters. Expect to spend at least $30. Do not bluff your way onto a U.S. State Department evacuation plane. Have confirmed written proof you are not infected.


Can you think of any more TIPS from your own experience?
Please let me know, Joe L. Jordan,

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