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Welcome to the final step of the booking process!
Please complete this form detailing the itinerary of your event. Be sure to have all of the details ready and to double check this information. This is what your chauffeur will reference the day of your event. 

General Event Information

Did You Reserve Another Car?

Contact Information of Financially Responsible Person

Is this booking a surprise?

If so - let us know who the surprise is for, so that we do not contact that person. 

Contact Person for Day-of Communication/Coordination

Wedding/Event Planner, Host, Coordinator, etc.

Did You Purchase Any Additional Services?

Additional Services Purchsed
For Weddings

Pick Up/Drop Off Times/Locations

Please use the below fields to indicate where your chauffeur needs to be and when they need to be there. Please be certain that all addresses and times are correct before submitting this form.

1. Arrival Time & Location

What time do you need your chauffer to arrive at the first location?

Where will your chauffer arrive?


Intermediate Destinations

Intermediate destinations are stops that your chauffeur makes in between picking you up at your initial address and dropping you off at your final destination.


(If you do not have any intermediate destinations, please skip to the end of the form and fill in the final destination address. 

I do not have any intermediate destinations...

Intermediate Destination 1


Intermediate Destination 2


Intermediate Destination 3


Intermediate Destination 4


Intermediate Destination 5


Final Drop-Off Destination


Special Instructions, Information or Comments

We've received your itinerary!Your reservation with Jordan Limousines is now complete!

Final Drop Off
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