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1. RESPONSIBLE PERSON: The person who pays Jordan Limousines for the use of the vehicle(s) (here on out referred to as “RP) is the person responsible for the vehicle(s) during the rental period and, as such, is responsible for adherence to this contract in it’s entirety. This person will also be financially responsible for fees, damage costs, fines, etc., which are incurred during the rental period as a result of non-adherence. The RP is financially responsible for any physical damage done to the vehicle by vehicle occupants or event guests.


2. PAYMENTS/BALANCE: All reservations must be paid in full 45 days in advance of event. The final payment will be automatically processed to the credit card on file unless other arrangements are made.


3. RETURNED CHECKS: There will be a $35 fee for each returned check for any reason.

4. REFUNDS: Cancellations, for any reason, will incur a $150 CANCELLATION FEE. Refunds will only be given according to the following schedule: 121 – 180 days notice = 75% of balance returned (less cancellation fee); 61 – 120 days notice = 50% of balance returned (less cancellation fee). There will be no refund at 60 days or less because at that point the vehicle will likely not be booked again within that timeframe. We strongly encourage the purchase of event cancellation insurance (i.e.,, or


5. LIMOUSINE TERMINOLOGY: Be advised that we use the term “limousine” in it’s truest European sense which is found in it’s French origin definition, simply meaning “fancy car;” and does not describe or denote brand, make, size, length, age, seating capacity, features or accoutrements. Unless the booking is a surprise for someone, we advise educating guests and occupants of this fact if it’s a problem.


6. CONTACTS: Reliable names and phone numbers for whoever will be our contacts must be provided on the Reservation Form. We need this to do our job properly.


7. EVENT GROUP LEADER: With trolley reservations, if at all possible please provide an event group leader, known as a Trolley Captain, who knows the passengers, helps direct the chauffeur to the various locations and be authorized to release the Trolley at the end of the day.


8. BOOKING TIME: The time you are paying for starts when the vehicle(s) arrives at the first location and ends when you get out of the vehicle(s) at your last destination, as long as everything is inside the Houston metro area. Out of area runs may incur additional charges for travel or transport time. 


9. TIME CHANGES: We request that you call, text or email to reconfirm times and addresses 24 - 48 hours before the event. It might be difficult or impossible to make changes less than 24 hours prior to the event. In many cases, the start or finish times may be difficult or impossible regardless due to bookings before and after the event. Changes to times or addresses which rest within the agreed upon reservation period are not a problem, but might result in extension into overtime, if available, and incur those costs. Start or finish time changes on the day of the event (assuming the vehicle is available) may incur a $175 fee, in addition to overtime rates.


10. OVERTIME-SCHEDULED/UNSCHEDULED: We are happy to accommodate overtime, assuming the vehicle is not needed for another event. We do not bill in pro-rated partial hours or minutes. There is a 15 minutes grace period before being billed for another hour. For example, 4 hours and 16 minutes would be billed as 5 hours (unless other arrangements are made in the quote). Unscheduled overtime is billed at a the same rate as scheduled overtime, as stated in the quote and invoice, but with an additional $175 fee. Be sure to book enough time for the occasion, taking into account the following considerations. Allow for traffic and people not being ready. Photographers need approximately 45 minutes to do their job after the ceremony. For a group of passengers, it helps to reduce booking time considerably by everyone meeting at one pick up location instead of the vehicle having to stop at six different places in different parts of the city. Keep in mind, our vehicles drive MUCH slower than most others, significantly increasing travel time. Also, the service we offer involves activities which take up time (i.e., passenger loading, unloading, seating, waiting for guests, etc.). Please plan accordingly when choosing the amount of time desired for the Reservation. Trust our experience when we advise that events in general have a way of taking more time than anticipated. We suggest booking the vehicle a little longer than needed just to be on the safe side. We only space 30 minutes between bookings. Therefore, after a certain time, the vehicle might have to leave despite passengers not being ready. A daytime event might have time restrictions imposed by another subsequent evening event, preventing overtime use of the vehicle. An evening event usually does not have this issue but never assume so. If it is very possible or probable that more time might be needed, it should be accounted for in the total time indicated on the Price Request. As for unscheduled overtime, it is absolutely essential that payment is made via cash on location or it will be processed to the credit card on file.


11. EARLY RELEASE: There will be no refunds for remaining time after early release due to no longer requiring the vehicle for an event. This is because it was taken off the calendar for the time originally booked.


12. RESCHEDULING: Reschedule requests for any reason other than inclement weather or natural disaster, may incur a substantial rescheduling fee (assuming the Vehicle is even available on your new date) which will be quoted at the re-schedule request.


13. SURPRISE RESERVATIONS: If the arrival of the vehicle is a surprise to anyone listed on the Reservation Form (i.e., Bride, Groom, etc.), you must indicate that in the appropriate field on the form. This assures that the person will not be contacted by us, ruining the surprise.


14. SERVICE ANIMALS AND/OR FAMILY PETS: Service animals are welcome but we will assess a $100 cleaning fee if the animal animal urinates, defecates in the vehicle; as well as damages it in any way.


15. VEHICLE DECORATIONS: You cannot decorate the vehicle in any way, shape, fashion or form; other than what is agreed upon with us beforehand. The use of glitter, confetti, silly string, etc will incur a cleaning fee of $100. Do not tie tin cans (or anything else) to the vehicle. There will be a $100 fee assessed if you tape ANYTHING to the painted surfaces of the vehicle. Paper signs may be taped on window glass, but not the windshield, front side windows or any others that would obstruct the view of the chauffeur. Our trolleys have attachment points where a banner may be secured with zip ties. Communicate in advance for the required dimensions of the banner. RP will be held financially responsible for any damage caused from decorating any of our vehicles.


16. NAME PLATES: We generally offer two name plate services. The fee paid for the family name on the front plate pays for the setup of this service only. We retain the plate used for this service. We also offer a keepsake option which pays for new materials used to create a name plate for keeping. Alternatively, two plates can be ordered for the maiden and married name to be switched while the ceremony is in progress. Also, the “Just Married” plate used on the back of the vehicle can be ordered for keeping. Prices for each are listed in the Quote.


17. SEATING CAPACITY: Do not attempt to exceed (or ask the chauffeur to exceed) the maximum seating capacity of our vehicles. For the safety of our passengers and employees, as well as the integrity of the vehicle and it’s systems, we will not accommodate requests to do so.


18. UNSEATED PASSENGERS: Standing, either inside or on the porch (only one of our trolleys), will not be allowed while traveling roads, freeways or highways. This will be permitted under certain circumstances at low speeds for short distances (i.e., parades) as determined by the chauffeur.


19. EATING/DRINKING/SMOKING: Eating, drinking or smoking in any of our vehicles is strictly prohibited (exception: Trolleys; beverages supplied by Jordan Limousines). The State of Texas Open Container Law does not apply to commercially licensed passenger buses. We cannot, however, provide alcoholic beverages. So, in Trolleys only, you are welcome to bring your own cooler with adult beverages (no kegs). Vomiting in the vehicle will incur a $100 cleaning fee. Smoking in the vehicle will incur a $250 fee.


20. AIR CONDITIONING: Our vehicles may, or may not, have functioning air conditioning systems but please do not expect vintage vehicles to have air conditioning comparable to modern vehicles. The vehicles in our fleet are anywhere between 25 to 60+ years old. Even with functioning air-conditioning, it will likely not be as comfortable as passengers might expect or are accustomed to. During shuttle runs, frequent opening and closing of the doors tends to nullify the affect of air-conditioning. For those with whom this might be an issue, we’d like to remind why one chooses to rent a vintage vehicle: for creating a lasting memory on your special day using a quaint, romantic and classic form of transportation that is uncommon. The pictures will tell the story. The choice of vintage transportation for an event is not about modern conveniences but rather about the kind of story, the feeling of nostalgia and the uniqueness that only vintage transportation can provide. There will be no refunds for perceived inadequate air conditioning.


21. MUSIC/AUDIO: On vehicles with functioning Bluetooth audio input, you may broadcast your own music to the device. You may also do this with a flash drive or an AUX input where applicable. Setup of any audio must be done before the chauffeur starts driving. Also, the chauffeur must not be distracted by loud music. If he must ask to turn it down more than twice, the system will be disabled and not turned back on for the remainder of the reservation. Music or other audio that contains lewd, obscene, vulgar or profane language is prohibited. The chauffeur will offer one warning before turning off the offensive audio for the remainder of the reservation.


22. MAKING REQUESTS OF THE CHAUFFEUR: Do not ask the chauffeur to break any laws (including, but not limited to, speed limits and traffic laws) or purchase cigarettes or alcohol.


23. VIOLENT/DESTRUCTIVE/DISORDERLY/DISRUPTIVE BEHAVIOR: The RP will be held financially responsible for any damage done to the vehicle by guests resulting from these behaviors. If, in the sole discretion of the chauffeur, passengers or event guests for any reason are behaving in a manner that is out of control, unsafe, illegal, dangerous or threatens life safety as well as the safe operation of the vehicle; he/she will terminate the service immediately, pull the vehicle over to the nearest safe location and order all passengers to exit the vehicle. In this eventuality, there will be NO REFUND. The chauffeur may or may not issue a warning before taking this action. If passengers refuse to exit the vehicle, the appropriate authority will be contacted and the reason for the response will be explained to them. The chauffeur, at his/her discretion, may notify the authorities in ANY instance of these behaviors. If any passengers or event guests communicate threats of violence to the chauffeur or other passengers, Jordan Limousines will pursue legal action.


24. ILLICIT DRUGS: Possession or use of illegal drugs by anyone is prohibited in any of our vehicles. If the chauffeur observes this, he/she will immediately pull the vehicle off the road at a safe location. All occupants will be ordered to exit the vehicle immediately with the drugs. If passengers refuse to exit the vehicle, the appropriate authority will be contacted and the reason for the response will be explained to them. The chauffeur, at his/her discretion, may notify the authorities in any instance of observed illegal drugs. In this eventuality there will be NO REFUND.


25. SPEED: The vehicle travels significantly slower than other vehicles. Speed of travel is under the sole authority of the chauffeur and he/she will not accommodate requests to drive faster for any reason. This is for the safety of passengers. 

26. CONVOYS: For safety reasons, we will not participate in convoys or allow others to follow our vehicles to destinations. Advise guests how to get to various locations during your event or designate someone as an escort for a convoy. The chauffeur cannot be distracted by having to make sure convoys stay intact or following vehicles keep up. As an option, we offer trolleys which can be included in the reservation for transport of groups, wedding parties or out-of-town guests.


27. VERTICAL CLEARANCE: Our trolleys must have a vertical clearance of at least twelve feet and will not park or travel where this is not established. We also will not travel down streets with low hanging tree limbs.


28. REVERSING: We will make every effort to avoid reverse travel as it is statistically the most common situation that results in damage and/or injury. Thus, we will avoid traveling routes that require reverse travel (i.e., deadends, alleys, cul-de-sacs, etc.).


29. NARROW PASSAGE: Our trolleys will not give service to or through locations that are too narrow as deemed by the chauffeur. In that eventuality, the service will stop short of the narrow passage at the closest, safe location that provides egress for the vehicle without reverse travel. There will be no refund in this eventuality. An often overlooked situation is passages congested with guest’s personal vehicles. It is not practical for the chauffeur to ask for vehicles to be moved. We suggest that event guest invitations advise where to park personal vehicles as to not impede trolley travel.


30. UNEVEN/UNPAVED SURFACES: The vehicle must remain on maintained paved or gravel roads which are able to support the weight of the vehicle, as deemed by the chauffeur. The chauffeur will not drive in mud, standing water, sand, etc.; nor on steep driveways, unmaintained or otherwise uneven, soft or broken surfaces he/ she deems damaging for the vehicle. Refrain from asking the chauffeur to do so. Repair and towing for damage resulting from the vehicle having to traverse any of these or similar surfaces will be responsibility of the RP.


31. ROUTES: We use typical and common map apps (i.e., Apple Maps, Google Maps, Waze, etc.) for identifying locations and routes, but we appreciate any notification of obstacles, issues or otherwise which may be unknown to us or mapping applications. Please verify that every location in your reservation is accurate with these apps. If not, please communicate that to us on the Reservation Form and provide alternate maps, directions, instructions, etc. With trolley reservations specifically, notify us of alternative routes which avoid left turns where there is no traffic signal.


32. UNSCHEDULED STOPS/ROUTE OR ITINERARY CHANGES: We plan our routes carefully to be punctual and avoid damage to vehicles or injury to occupants. We prefer to adhere to detailed itineraries as provided on the Reservation Form. Unscheduled stops prohibit our ability to plan accordingly and are thus strongly discouraged due to unforeseen obstacles (parking lot size, prohibitive routes/turns, damaging surfaces, etc.). That being said, we are willing to accommodate some changes on a case by case basis. The chauffeur, at his discretion, may allow such stops but there will be an $85 charge for any unadvised, unplanned stop. If such changes necessitate verbal directions, the chauffeur must be given plenty of notice for turns and stops. Our vehicles need time and room to respond and maneuver. Also, we make every attempt to avoid reverse travel. Please be absolutely familiar with all routes and areas needed for unplanned changes. A note about parades: be advised that once the vehicle(s) are moving in a parade, there will be no opportunities for a bathroom stop, so plan accordingly. 


33. PARKING/STAGING: Please arrange and establish ahead of time large, clearly marked parking and staging areas for the vehicle(s) at each destination in your reservation. Confirm this on your reservation form and communicate this to the chauffeur on the day of the event. For security reasons, the vehicle will not be staged in dark or unguarded areas. If, at the chauffeur’s discretion, he/she decides the staging area is unsafe, the vehicle will be repositioned elsewhere, possibly not on location. We may also choose to move the vehicle at locations where people may harass the chauffeur. The chauffeur’s secondary responsibility (primary is transporting passengers safely) is to safeguard the vehicle. Do not ask him/her to do anything that would require abandoning our vehicles. We never leave our vehicles unattended. The RP must assure that communication be maintained with the chauffeur (via a reliable contact person) to arrange a return time.


34. DEPARTURE NOTICE: We do not allow our vehicles’ engines to idle for extended periods anytime of year, but especially during hot months. The chauffeur must be given a 5 minute notice before the passengers are ready to depart so he/she can be prepared to ready the vehicle.


35. WEDDING GETAWAYS: Advise those participating in the wedding couple getaway to not throw birdseed, rice or anything else inside the vehicle. If sparklers are being used, they will have to be staged a MINIMUM of ten feet from the vehicle to not cause damage. If they do happen to damage the vehicle in any way, the RP will be responsible for repair expenses.


36. PHOTOGRAPHY: Please communicate to photographers ahead of time if poses with the vehicle are required. For weddings, our web site’s “Wedding Tips” page contains suggested poses with our vehicles to suggest to the photographer beforehand. Make sure the necessary allowances for photography time are included into the reservation period during the Price Request. Consult the photographer for how much time will be required. If the weather prohibits photography on the day of the event, a separate photo session on a later date can be arranged at a modest price - or free, if at our choice of location and on our choice of date/time.


37. CHEWING GUM, CANDY, ETC.: These or similar items stuck to surfaces anywhere on or in our vehicles will incur a fee of $50/occurrence for removal. A garbage receptacle will be provided in the trolley for these items.


38. BELONGINGS: At the end of the run, passengers should check the vehicle for left or lost items. We will assist in the effort to find the owner of items left behind, but we are not responsible if he/she cannot be located. We will accept absolutely no liability for anything left behind.


39. LUGGAGE: Luggage can be a problem because trunk space is limited in our vintage vehicles and there is no practical storage for such items in the trolleys. We suggest another member of the group or wedding party go to the hotel ahead of time, put luggage in the room, get checked in and return the room key. It is also advisable to arrange for bellman and airport transfer ahead of time for the following morning, if applicable.


40. INCLEMENT WEATHER/NATURAL DISASTER: In the event of cancellation - whether on our part or yours - due to any type inclement weather or natural disaster, we will work with you to rescheduling your event. No cash or funds will be given. We strongly advise the purchase of event cancellation insurance (i.e.,, or for such instances. NOTE ABOUT OUR CONVERTIBLE: Our 1963 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud Convertible offering is permanently open - the top does not close. We WILL NOT risk driving it in rain or any other precipitation. Therefore, we reserve the right to substitute any of our hardtop vehicles in it’s place in the event of such weather.


41. MECHANICAL BREAKDOWNS: In the event of a mechanical breakdown, delivering our passengers to their intended destination as near as possible to the intended time becomes priority, second only to their safety. We, therefore, reserve the right to continue the transport by whatever means possible - at our expense - up to and including using another of our own vehicles (which may be nothing like the original) or using commercial/public transport (i.e., Uber, cab, Metro, etc.).


42. EXPECTATIONS: We are very serious about giving the quality of service we believe our customers deserve. That is an expectation we welcome. We also maintain an expectation of our customers: that they join us in preserving our vintage, historically significant antique vehicles for future generations. Basically, all of the above rules can be summed up with “have fun, but don’t damage the vehicle(s).”

Confirmation of Agreement

Revised September 18, 2022

Jordan Limousines

14173 Northwest Freeway #166

Houston, TX 77040

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